Friday, May 07, 2021
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Ride to Sturgis
8/2/2022 5:00 PM


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Male, 63 years old, and single/divorced.  Birthday is June 29, 1959.  Backseat available.  Owns a 2014 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Fat Boy® FLSTF.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Religious view is none.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Calgary, Alberta  Canada.  Member since May 2021.  Last online last week.

Happy Birthday my friend enjoy your day @--
Happy Birthday ??
Created a new event: Ride to Sturgis
Starts: 8/2/2022
In: New Denver, British Columbia, South Dakota
Hi all, I am heading to Sturgis this year, from BC. It would be great to have someone ride along. I am open to a detour to make that happen. It will be tenting, I do have all the gear and its my expense. If someone is interested just let me know. Everyone have a great day. Lorne
Well folks I watched something both amazing and appalling this morning. Peaceful protestors on the streets of Moscow being beaten and arrested for protesting against the war in Ukraine, beaten by the police of a dictator after he had instituted a law against peaceful protest. Wow, of it reminds me of somewhere else that did the same, oh Ottawa. Oh Canada, Trudeau does not stand on guard for thee. Beware may come to a city near you.
Wake up call folks on Liberal governments and what is happening in Ukraine today. Biden stopped the Keystone XL pipeline, Trudeau halted the east coast pipeline. The US imports 800,000 barrels of oil from Russia, Canada imports 550,000 barrels. Yet both countries shut down much of the oil industry domestically. Keystone would provide the US with guess what 800,000 barrels per day of Canadian oil, rather than filling...See More the pockets of Putin. By the way, Russian oil is not being sanctioned, why the US needs it and fills the Russian pockets with $ as does Canada. The elites are fucking us over bigtime, we all better wake up and take care of our two countries as we are completely intertwined like no other place on the planet. Get rid of these WEF dictators who are int he guise of democracy.
By the way when the G20 summit was held in Canada 2 years ago, 1100 protestors stormed the capital buildings, assaulted police, burned cars, they did get arrested but as of two days ago, the Ottawa police are paying those same protestors $24 million in compensation for pain and suffering, why because Trudeau likes their cause.
You can watch the cops beat a young female reporter from Rebel News to the ground with wooden clubs, then shoot her at point blank range with a tear gas projectile as they do not like Rebel news, because they report the truth.
Hey folks if you want to see the truth about what is happening in Ottawa, simply go to Rebel News, its all there. Mainstream media will not share the real news, rather they will spin it to fit the government narrative as they are funded by the government in Canada.

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