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Female, and in a relationship.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in males.  Looking for friends.  Religious view is humanist.  Drinks regularly.  Moderate political views.  Lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania  United States.  Member since March 2021.  Last online today.

Gettysburg Bike week has begun,, if you park like THIS I can't be your friend lmao..
When you get a friend request and it vanishes before you can "add" , well fuck you then I didn't want to be your friend anyhow.. lol it's a very Monday Monday isn't it ?
Happy 4th kids.. 'Merica.. love it or get the fuck out! ~ Peep
Vintage drags in Allentown 7/3/2021 rained out halfway through but still a decent time.. ~ Peep
Hey, what’s up? I was in Texas and now am near DC for work. I should be back next week for a few days. This summer has suddenly picked up for going on work trips! The good news is I got my bike back from HD.
is attending Gettysburg Bike Week.
Had a shoplifter this morning, didn't notice it until later.. only two sets of people in today.. was someone who could have obviously afforded said item.. karma's a bitch,, but lesson learned.. people could do bad shit to anyone,, but if people are doing bad shit to YOU,, you gotta take responsibility to up your game to make it harder to do so.. now that that bit of wisdom has sunk into my unusually tiny but thick skull I'm headed to O'Rorkes for Harps and wings/ long lunch,, all are
Rain is clearing out! Music starts at 2, late lunch, early dinner.. whatever you want to call it just bundle up it's a bit brisk out there! I expect to get there around 4ish...
SMH,, fucking people... sitting in my business with the door open this evening going over some paperwork when I hear someone mumble "Hi... even though you are a slut".. A. no one calls me THAT version of my name,, EVER... and B. even though I didn't see him I recognized the voice as someone I had met with twice from some dating site and really didn't have an interest in seeing again... so lemme get this...See More straight,, if someone "rejects" you they're instantly a slut? I can count on one hand the number of people I've "been" with in the past 2 years on one hand and have fingers left over.. we all end up not being someone's type,, yeah it stings,, you deal with it and find someone who's type you are.. only a child would resort to name calling .. had I not had pollen on my contacts and this stupid fucking mask on my face I maybe would have had enough time to beat him in the back of the head with the wooden chair that I keep threatening to beat people in the back of the fucking head with.. just sayin :)
Something to do Saturday in the central Pa area.. bikes, bands, food for an excellent cause!
I'm an introvert so I don't do small talk, I love in depth conversations about a variety of subjects, I love learning things through the art of conversation.. I find it entirely sad that for so many people the art of conversation has become lost during the pandemic and the social media "age" .. there is nothing worse than attempting an in person conversation with someone who is entirely unable to do...See More anything but repeat things that are trending hot button topics found on various sites... when you ask them a basic question about their day , family , life they blink a few times as if they haven't really given any though to it at all... sad thing is while people are being brainwashed by various outlets the people behind such outlets are making millions not by posting or allowing posts about reality but by making the most upsetting reading, viewing material so that people keep clicking, keep watching.. it's called per click advertising.. or by viewer advertising.. if you believe everything you read/see and forego your own lives/families/friends for it I don't care where you stand on the hot button issues you're a fucking fool..
The struggle is real...

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