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Female, and single.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in males.  Looking for friends.  Religious view is humanist.  Drinks regularly.  Moderate political views.  Lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania  United States.  Member since March 2021.  Last online today.

Happy New Year!
Happy Birthday my friend _!_ -O :drink: (*)
ugh,, 2 scammers today,, why do they always say they work for oil companies ? though the 2nd was amusing,, he stated he likes to ride,, I asked what he rides he said and I quote.. Kawasaki Ninja H2R... lmmfao..
She just did the same thing to me. Sent me like 15 messages.
Some "Queenofharleys" psycho just told me she's going to block me, I don't even know who she is why would be need to block someone who doesn't even know who she is? lol accused me of being a democrat and said she was going to kick my ass.. first of all.. I'm not a democrat.. and if you're threatening to kick my ass you'd damn well better be able to talk your shit in person ,, I'll slit your fucking throat... what kind of drug addicted skank is she?
male scammers on here always say they're looking for a backseat..lmmfao.. bad bit is if they aren't scammers they're looking to fuck,, lookit man I'm just looking for good people to talk to and if in the same area at the same time to have a beer or 4 and some jovial conversation..
Just wanted to say hello
Gettysburg Bike week has begun,, if you park like THIS I can't be your friend lmao..
When you get a friend request and it vanishes before you can "add" , well fuck you then I didn't want to be your friend anyhow.. lol it's a very Monday Monday isn't it ?
Happy 4th kids.. 'Merica.. love it or get the fuck out! ~ Peep
Vintage drags in Allentown 7/3/2021 rained out halfway through but still a decent time.. ~ Peep
Hey, what’s up? I was in Texas and now am near DC for work. I should be back next week for a few days. This summer has suddenly picked up for going on work trips! The good news is I got my bike back from HD.
is attending Gettysburg Bike Week.

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