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Female, 65 years old, and single.  Birthday is April 16, 1958.  Owns a 2002 Indian® Scout Deluxe and 1 other bike.  Interested in males.  Looking for riding partners or a relationship.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Redding, California  United States.  Member since November 2020.

Happy Friday
7.1.23 From the Archangel Michael deck, 3 cards. Sense of Humor Spend More Time Outdoors Go Forward Fearlessly Approaching each day with dread will wear you down so quickly. Changing that to humor lightens the burden considerably. This is not to say go make fun of others, but to explore different perspectives. Pick up the gloomy situation and turn it in the light until, like labradorite, you cath that flash of...See More delight. While you may not want or be able to spend time outdoors, spending more time outside your own head and social media is a necessity. Again, perspective. And then, having explored ideas and plans from up, down and sideways, you can proceed with greater boldness and assurance. Overall, a reading of influence and direction. Lighten up, look around, get going! Namaste
6.26.23 Summertime and the livin’ is easy… 3 cards from the Archangel Michael deck A favorable outcome Believe and trust Use your imagination…and you’ll see the answer To start by acknowledging our connection to the Universe, our integrated work. This spread can almost be said to be backwards, but that is part of today’s insight. If we can accept that the end result already exists in the most favorable form then crafting our vision must be simple to do. Namaste
6.17.23 One card is really all we need to focus on. From the Rider Waite deck, 1 telling card. The Fool Representing idealism, new beginnings, enthusiasm, originality. As the new moon is upon us, giving us dark night skies, it also allows the stars to shine brighter. For us as thinking humans, it is the lesson that we shine brighter when we are not reflecting the light of others but to open ourselves to shine from...See More within. Rather than trying to live up to the expectations of others, this us a moment to birth our passions into new projects, new directions. In a few days, the stars will dictate the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. Changes in the seasons mean changes in planting, nurturing, harvesting and the storage of the harvest. What we store sustains us until the next harvest. Take this night of no moon to look at your crops and your harvest…and your planned plantings for the next harvest. Namaste
5.16.23 From the Archangel Michael deck, 3 cards Use Your Imagination … and You’ll See the Answer – the messages coming through may not compute because you are using the filter of expectation. Release expectation and allow imagination to provide alternative translations. You Created this Situation. You Have the Power to Change it – who's in charge? Yes! You are! Where do your thoughts wander? What do you do when...See More they “stray” from your goals? Do you assess the direction and adjust course? Or simply return to your previous route without thought? You’re on the Right Path – the path of intuition and learning, heeding the higher vibration of messages, coincidences, synchronicities….knowing. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense. We read and learn and plan and project and we end up in a soup of our own making. Perhaps that soup is an exam or checkpoint that we experience to use what we’ve learned and see if we have earned leveling up. Going forward, notice the checkpoints. Are you replaying the level? Namaste
5.15.23 Light … it makes what and who we are. We glow, we shine, we illuminate the way, we need not allow ourselves to be dimmed. Hello from Heaven … watch for signs, symbols and gifts that bring to mind those who have transitioned from this plane. They contact you in response to your desires Receive… for some it is significantly easier to give than to receive. The story at this time is to practice being open and...See More in receiving mode. The balance of life cannot be upheld with only giving. Overall, this spread is a reminder that our larger Self is able to do and be so many things -all of them brilliant and gleaming and sprinkled lavishly with stardust. Connect with the stars in the heavens and open your heart to gather in the harvest. Namaste
5.13.23 Lookee here! From the Rider Waite deck, 3 cards King of Swords … intellect over emotion, fact over intuition Ace of Cups reversed … blocked creativity Ace of Swords … concentration, new ideas, vision Overall, a bit uncomfortable. Time to stay focused on the task at hand. Don’t allow yourself to wander. Take notes about what you intuit, but don’t get sidetracked. The Universe holds back on your creative...See More juices, but only as a way to keep you on that most important track. This is a supportive and helping hand. Once you have everything buttoned up on the “must do”, the new ideas will spill forth. Don’t fuss or chafe. Just get the thing done. Ask for angelic guidance if you are feeling stumped. Namaste
5.12.23 All reversed, we are at the interval between the bright full moon and the dark skies of the new moon. This energy is thoughtful and reflective. From the Rider Waite deck. 3 cards. The Hermit…having stepped away from the mundane in order to learn and reflect, coming back with the light of knowledge Judgement … second guessing yourself, doubting, placing stumbling blocks in your own path.. and being called to...See More recognize that 5 of wands…reconciliation, resolution, ending chaos and struggle. There are times when we each need a cheering section to help us take action in our own lives. We get to overthinking and hold ourselves back from action and success. We are shown here that in taking responsibility for this thinking, we can find smooth waters and sail onward. Namaste
5.7.23 For our Sunday, from the Animal Dreaming Oracle deck, 3 cards. Dolphin-breath … the rhythm of Life, breaching in and out of the surf, interacting with other species. Give yourself space to meditate and vision. Horse-personal power … an aid in journeying, also different colors represent different qualities in dreams Black Swan-grace … non judgement, unconditional love Pack your go bag. Something is about to...See More change. Perhaps time for a spiritual hike in the psychic woods. Meditation will take you there, Horse will help you travel by understanding the Directions, you may come back elevated in a clearer understanding of Self and the relationship to others. Namaste
5.4.23 From the Animal Dreaming Oracle deck, 3 cards. Dance … do not get stuck, lift your feet and lift your spirit. Lifting your voice will follow. Gentle Aggression … assertiveness with a side of chutzpah (nerve). Pushing a bit past diplomatic. Record Keeper … not tracking points earned, but archiving the events and actions of all the worlds to make them available to those who seek to learn. Overall, a lesson in...See More walking your own path. Others may have their dreams for you and your dreams may shift and change with experience. Listen to and weight the stories of the ages as there is direction to be gained. We stand on the edge of change, sometimes alone, sometimes collectively. Today and tonight and tomorrow psychic doors will be opening and closing . Make the most of it! Namaste
5.3.23 Relationships Let Go, reversed Self-Sabotage What are we doing to satisfy the idea of others’ expectations of us? Is the view of self rooted in the opinions of others? If that has been your past, it is time to review. Is your self image (physical and spiritual) honest? Letting go of skewed views allows us to grow by leaps and bounds. It gives us room to address where we have been shortsighted. In trying to...See More be what others expect we stunt our growth…unless they are holding a higher expectation than we do for ourselves. This is where the honest evaluation comes in. We have to let go of limits and embrace the freedom of possibility. As we move into the season of new growth and maturity, we can take the opportunity to release childish fears and move into glorious successes. Namaste Available for personal readings
4.27.23 Different energy today, lighter. From the Archangel Michael deck, 3 cards. 1st card is Sense of Humor 2nd card is New Beginnings and a Fresh Start 3rd card is Ask Archangel Michael to Help you With This Situation If you can find the ray of light in a difficult exchange, look to where it shines. That’s the hint to reclaiming your power. Humor is not always belly laughs. It does buoy us to the surface so we...See More see a broader outlook. Taking that experience and applying it to forward action is what the Universe is encouraging. The idea can be exciting but confusing as to first steps. So ask for insights and angelic advice. Watch for synchronicities. Act. Namaste
4.23.23 Beginnings and endings are just energy fluctuations and realignments. From the Archangel Michael deck, 3 cards. 1st card is Make a Commitment 2nd card is Focus Upon Divine and Perfect Health 3rd card is This Situation is Already Resolved Overall, this spread reads as a kick in the pants. Craft a simple mind statement of your intention. The one you’ve been afraid of. The one you have been dithering about. From there, focus on your path manifested. Play the ever-expanding movie in your mind. Allow the angels and the Universe to sort out the production and editing. Namaste
4.21.23 On this sunny spring Friday, from the Animal Dreaming Oracle deck and based on Australian animals, 3 cards. 1st card is Bat … rebirth … new ventures, new viewpoints, new opportunities 2nd card is Dragonfly … illusion … we’re able to make changes midstream, changes in physical, changes in perspective, changes in emotional outlook 3rd card is Dingo … trickster… humility, maturity. Overall, this spread...See More is a brief instruction moment. Circumstances are providing a reboot or new starting point or graduation to a higher level. When we move forward we must also open our perspective. We can’t just carry our younger-self ideas into these new realms and hope to understand. On the outskirts of all of this lurks our human trait of conceit. We are reminded that there is more to understand and from different experiences. Learn from yourself and from others. Namaste
Happy Belated Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope that it's a great one _!_
4.11.23 1st card is Ace of Cups, reversed … a blockage of intuition or perhaps a refusal or hesitancy to interact with intuitive nudges 2nd card is Ace of Pentacles, reversed … generally about the physical world, things. This inversion is an emptying or denial of desires. Following the Ace of Cups, one might say that if you’re going to ignore messages, you will likely miss out on helpful information 3rd card is...See More The Hermit, reversed … he usually represents spiritual mastery, upside-down it completes the warning. Choosing not to attend to the messages can put your life on a different and less colorful path. Universe is truly wanting us to turn over rocks and look beneath. I have never had so many spreads come up completely reversed as in recent weeks. Overall, this spread is a heads up about listening for and to the messages conveyed by the Universe to YOU. Clearly, we have been asked to be open and receptive, we have opened the door a crack and yet we hesitate or flat out refuse to accept that we are being tasked as conduits. If this scares you and you would like to have a conversation, please contact me here or if this excites you, please ground yourself and open the door fully. Namaste
4.9.23 Easter Sunday for many, but not for all. Definitely seasonal movement for everyone! From the Rider Waite deck, 3 cards. 1st card is The Hanged Man, reversed … the character is tethered to the tree by only 1 foot. The implication is that he is not put there by malice, but as a moment to gather thoughts and plan actions. In this reverse, it seems those plans are not bearing the anticipated fruit, or not in...See More the expected time frame. 2nd card is The Fool, reversed … the youthful character is at the edge of the cliff, a place of decision making. He appears unconcerned, even light hearted. In reverse, it is a heads up about situational awareness physically and mentally. Planning and discernment are keys to forward success. 3rd card is the 3 of Wands, reversed … and here we have the mature character, standing at cliff’s edge. Decisions have been made, fruits have been borne. Perhaps in reverse it says that it is time to assess and adapt. Times and needs do change. Can you pivot and maintain balance? Everyone standing on their heads, it is a day to look beyond the surface and consider what has been set aside. Upside down, the forgotten falls out of your pockets for rediscovery. Pennies or pebbles, dreams and wishes are meant to ignite our thinking and get us to look beyond the same old story. To new (and considered) adventure! Namaste
4.8.23 We’re moving through the full moon energy as Spring unfolds in the northern hemisphere. New doors will open. Minds must follow. From the Animal Medicine Cards deck, 3 cards. 1st card is Dog … loyalty … and if reversed, moving apart from the pack, seeing beyond the Veil 2nd card is Bat … rebirth … in the manner of traditional shamans, burying the Self for a period of inner search and journeying, clarifying...See More the path for future growth and increased abilities 3rd card is Horse … power … the power of sight, the power of knowing, the power of will, the power of Self, in integrity Overall, this reading is about a transitional time. This is not “same #$%&, different day”. This is a call that will speak to some who read this and not to others. The lines if communication are open. Namaste
4.7.23 Beaver … builder … community creator, works continuously otherwise the teeth keep growing, in damming up moving water the beaver creates a new environment calling in fish, fowl and plant life that reqire still water. wild boar … confrontation … one’s own fears, projects that seem daunting, time to push through procrastination Badger … aggressiveness … this is not about aggression in the combative sense but...See More rather about getting things completed rather than waiting for it to just happen. We must put effort and willingness into whatever we’re going after. This is also applied to pushing forward with unconventional means to needed ends. Overall, this spread boots us in the fears. Recognizing that we create our world, reminding us that procrastination is wasted future and that the results are in our hands…under our control. Namaste

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