Julie Ann
Friday, April 16, 2021
Friday, April 16, 2021
Friday, April 16, 2021
Friday, April 16, 2021

Julie Ann

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Female, and single.  Birthday is May 18.  Interested in males.  Religious view is Get on your bikes & ride fat bottom girls make the rocking World go around..  Lives in If you dont want to see me dancing then DONT come out, Alabama  United States.  Member since July 2020.  Last online today.

Nice offer best part of being an adult is the ability to say I'll pass.... not today, not in my house......
Oh, WoW I see the wolf's are plentiful on BON this evening. A womanizer, a wife beater, a Narcisssus Maligant self love Gaslighter, a pornstar all the women want him to come back but me, a convicted felon in his 50's. Welcome to the South Ya'll come back now.
1 st dose Pfizer epidermis rash B-)
Really, do you know your BMI age based? As I'm rated underweight. Normal woman any age mass index of 18, obesity at 25 mass index .... I'm in between 16/17 for 5'11" 1/2 ..... watch out!@! Covid get ya, Ya'll bee packing a whole lot of generational curses arround with you.... to the 3rd and 4th generation thou... ART cursed with a curse. That's why you act the way you do.... silly boy's.... You have a...See More pusher.... Familiar Spirits ..... He who knows to do right and doesn't to him in sin. As a bird flay's to its nest it know's where to land.... GOD... Settle your differences on the way to court..... as your title and offering are no longer received and counted as righteous..... DUMB.... God loves a stupid mule, Palm Sunday
That's a HOOT!@! Oh, gosh looking for love in all the wrong places. Ass, grass or gas no pixie dust experence of the anointing of the Holly Ghost. So SAD, Where two or more are gathered together I am in the MIDST. The breath of life.... GOD... I went to stay with a male friend from BON Dozier, Alabama for a week. He came to pick me up here at Granny's. I had been invited since July 2020 Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec...See More Jan, he demanded a month.... we agreed on a week. I presently reside with Granny AL, work pt TN covid related. He dent care for that. He was aware my nice Camry car was T boned and totaled in July 2020. I now drive my back up Buick, truly not much to look at or get excited about. Woman whom T Boned me was traveling at 65+ mph. I have had a challange transitioning to Buick due to high impact of collision. I don't own a HD presently as I was Divorced happily 2019. As married we had a HD 2013-2019. I rode twice in 2014 and stoped by personal choice. As Spouce had gone on line and announced to Anita from Athens also a BON member that WE a married couple would be out. He invited her as an event on line BON. I was not informed. Spouce is a kickstand up drinker prior to and during riding. I was appalled by behavior's daily. Just not the miles kind of Silver Fox HD. Oh but he's so much more pleasent with a drink in his hand. Anywho back to my BON Male Friend. I went to see in Dozier for a week visit. Maby it was the open diet Pepsi in a Dixie cup that set him off. Or then need to wet my mouth from much talking on the way South 4 + hours away with a cough drop. He thought I'd look much cuter with SO THING IN MY MOUTH ON THE WAY to Dozier. Really, oh now I love ROAD HEAD as much as the next comitted girl in a relationship. But I dont know you..... A Ass, Grass, Or Gass kinda dude. You never really know someone even after great time in their presence privately. Whole reason for visit as I already stated prior to departure on the phone no HEAD No Ass whatsoever. Silly Boy's .... once there I walked around with morning face all day for 5 day's. Needless to say I was not contacted since. Better wash her face, spend time in her presence daily before you buy the whole COW. Or you will only feel like a paycheck.... oh. SHALLOW HALE wants a gal. I'm 5'11" 128 lbs presently 51 charm is deceitful. Still looking for MR WONDERFUL he's out there. Meet several I'm interested but they have MOTHER issues or need my dime day by day. Will the real slim shady please stand up please stand up. As I want to start a new relationship with you,.... :'(
I noticed several men whom attempt to friend me already have a linked account with my pic as friend. I HAVE NOT. I see my REAL BON male friend's face to face. My X Spouce has created many fake BON accounts with various pictures of me unauthorised on BON. Then He engages in conversations with several men on BON linked to my pic. Presenting or acting like a chick in verbage on fake BON accounts. ...See More Straighten up and fly right!@! Flamingo pink don't look good on you. Or come out of the closet HAPPY. ie: WEIRD door swings both ways with that one. A curse without a cause does not come as a bird flys to its nest it knows where to land...God
Merry Christmas You Perfectly Gorgeous, Gorgeous Lady!!! I hope You have a Great Day & Weekend!!! ^p^
Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year
If your in a relationship a boyfriend or gay/married or a girlfriend, live in key holding female wife don't waste your breath with me. X Husband Manwhore with black live in now. X Spouce "happy ie weird" Parkinson disease.

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