Julie Ann Straight
Friday, September 18, 2020
Thursday, September 17, 2020
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Julie Ann Straight

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Female, and single.  Looking for a backseat.  Interested in males.  Religious view is Get on your bikes & ride fat bottom girls make the rocking World go around..  Lives in If you dont want to see me dancing then DONT come out, Alabama  United States.  Member since July 2020.  Last online today.

You blocked Meankitten so she ask me to deliver this
Won't know till morning on that gee. All's well nothing appears broken. I survived premediated murder in Toney Alabama Madison County Alabama 2013. At the hand of two decade long marriage to Husband Darren Regan Brazier. Co plotted by Brother in law Darwin Kaylen Brazier and Father in law Darrel Dexter Brazier. Plotting included group selection of weapon of choice. A gun and profile Practice shooting in...See More woods all three attending. Along with selection of body dump site location. With a selection of a small shallow grave they all three jointly agreed upon. Unfortunately for my Sister in Law Debbie Michele Brazier Riveria and her new husband Mr. Riveria 5 DOA on Pinedale Road 2018 1 st. July in Lincolin County Alabama by Darwin Kaylen Brazier of Cook Road. Interisting in laws to say the least. I have no Police, Sheriff Alabama Law Friends in fact they ticket and harrass my every move. X DC Lobbist once Federally DC has his back. Gotta love a TN Widower whom drove extremely exhausted and far to recently put a starter on the Buick. So a girl could work in Public Healthcare once again. God bless the men whom were the husband of one wife prior to their death. Some men have more integrity than to feel only as a pay check month to month. Quick as a Gazelle .... mighter than a feeling... How's that reward for your retirement working out for you. The Nutcracker
Can I meet you up in person very interesting picture
If your in a relationship a boyfriend or gay/married or a girlfriend, live in key holding female wife don't waste your breath with me. X Husband Manwhore with black live in now. X Spouce "happy ie weird" Parkinson disease.
Was a plain face yesterday in the Cabin near the river.. ... mosquitoes and all :D

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