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Female, 37 years old, and single.  Birthday is July 05, 1983.  Owns a motorcycle.  Lives in Des Monies, Iowa  United States.  Member since May 2020.  Last online today.

I woke up scared like something is bad happened through the night or in my dream which i can not remember. Guide and protect me oh lord. Heart's pounding really fast. Have mercy and answer my prayers oh lord thy God. Im up. Good morning
Laundry Time
Back to work.. See you at 6ish
Just got out of a company talk by the boss.  We might be shutting down this weekend or the next due to the increase of infection of COVID-19. Damn Virus
I'm sorry it's coming late to thank you all for the birthday wishes. Checking my feeds and msgs made me feel special. Awwwwwww <3
Thanks Gorgeous
Love the weekend face lol
Incoming! Big Stormy Rain soon. Keep safe If you're in Iowa. Happy weekend
Work calls!!! Keep Safe
It's been a busy season through challenges and pain but trust me, it's worth it. Hey body, Thank you for understanding my nature of work and adapting back after a long time ease through the pandemic lock down. We are back to create and learn more. Happy Weekend.
Happy, Happy birthday, BEAUTIFUL!
Happy Birthday, many more, ride safe, free, easy & keep it between the ditches, hugs!
Lord heal Bonnie and bring her back to us. Your healing hands be laid on her and bring her back from wherever she may be in the state of her mind or world or wherever. Please keep her alive longer. :(
is a fan of All American.
is a fan of east coast sturgis.

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