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Male, and single.  Backseat available.  Owns and rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Gap/flowing wells, Pennsylvania  United States.  Member since October 2007.  Last online today.


My Kids,My Bike,photography and Partying! oh and i write alittle!
Life isnt a screen play, Lets Party life theres no end it site!!! FUCK'UM ALL


If you are going on a ride in Pa. and you need help with anything...feel free to contact me! we're all brothers and sisters in the life of a biker! Not here to fill a friends list with people that never type.......


we are the gift, the gift of energy unique and solo in this world of constince, to relax apon a soul, know your in love as much as the other,living on this planet ,to one day become one in the true sence of love and soul...our lights become one.

me 11/12/07

TV Shows

Like a TV show, too much drama and too much wanting what U dont your hearts and let the gift that was free and we all have that is LIFE! and real LOVE it's all free


When lost in the desert with nothing but sand, The hawk lands and looks at you hopeless and you ask him the way or keep staring at him....the thing you dont know is that the hawk knows the way to water and freedom...yet like most, all you see is the hawk not seeing the soul reborn to show you the way..the hawk flies away ,you become another to roam life looking for the water and freedom of ones self..The wolves of the night tear out your soul, make you weak through your endless journey....when all you needed was to believe and open your eyes...sore like a bird above all the unknown. Believe in someone? 11/1/07 w.c.


The life we are giving is the one we should cherish
the life we desire is but a dream yet to come
for life is for living and dreams are the fuel to our souls end

written by me 05/24

Today I almost lost a friend, a person I see thats one of a kind,
a person, I know is a find or the woman directed to me from lights above.
Her stature amoung men is small yet her desire for life and strenth she relays
from the depth of her soul towers past any normality...
She is a gift to man..a gift to me...true friend is what she shall be....

I sat in wounder how this could be.....
and with the doubt of mankind I went to the worst degree...
I thought I was being Judged...
yet my ignorance I was clouded, I was the one that that did to a degree....
I was blind to what I actually had apon thy hands...she not a Judge...
But and angel sent to open eyes to life....
a spirit of past lives that came to me..
A door she had opened that I never saw..the door to being human and not to flee...
Imbrace life and others around you! lift that weight and be free..
open my eyes respect and absorb the lite I will see ....
for someday...the light I see maybe the flame that complietes my soul through out eternity..

W.C.-- me lol

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