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2017 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Street Glide® FLHXSE
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4/17/2020 5:00 PM

Patriot Biker

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Male, and single/divorced.  Birthday is November 21.  Backseat available.  Owns a 2017 Harley-Davidson® CVO™ Street Glide® FLHXSE.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends, riding partners, or a relationship.  Religious view is Christian.  Drinks socially.  Conservative political views.  Lives in Prescott, Arizona  United States.  Member since October 2016.  Last online last month.

Doesn't make sense, does it? Homeless in the US go without eating. Elderly in the US go without needed medicines. Mentally ill in the US go without treatment. American troops go without proper equipment. American veterans go without benefits that were promised. Yet we donate billions to other countries before helping our own first. 1% will re-post and 99% won't. Have the guts to re-post this. I KNOW I'M IN THE 1%
Your, in Prescott really.... I do Tenses Locum DC0119WA01 across country but I love to drive. Have, a truly lovely turkeyday .....
Happy Birthday.... you old fart.
Have a Happy Birthday tomorrow!! :)
Not much has changed in 50 years... Damn, even the dog is the same.

Who wouldn't want to explore a place called "Skull Valley"?

So, there I am riding along out in the middle of nowhere. The scenery is amazing. Arid desert, right? But then, in the middle of nowhere I find a cool, old, steel bridge over what appears to be a dry creek bed. But, wait a minute, it's all lush and green. How can that be? I'm in the middle of the high desert. So I went under the bridge to investigate. Strange. It's dry on one side and there's running water on the other. I discovered a natural underground spring oasis. Wish you could have been there.
Good lord, I don't know about where y'all are, but it was hotter than the belly of Hell in Arizona this week. I went for an "early" morning ride and two hours in here's what my dash was telling me.
Thanks for the request!
Hope you are feeling well.
Having a blast exploring the woods on the new H-D Pan America. This thing is fun to ride!
Hello how’s life treating you ?

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