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Memorialize BON friends that have passed. I see people's birthday listed and later learn that we have lost them. Post on their special dates to you. Be respectful. Post their URL & profile picture. If you post then "Leave Page", that deletes your posts.

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Jackie (Firecracker) from Wisconsin...passed in June 2015...she was a little stick of dynamite..RIP Jackie..
Janice aka GypsyQueen was a huge personality on BON. I included the post by her daughter after her death.
Who remember him?..Leon A.K.A. Irish Rebel...he passed away a day after Easter 2016... Lord time flew by fast..
Pan Head Randy passed away in Mai 2018...he also was a very nice guy...
Who didn’t know Ron “horn dog” loved by many. Mary I know you will post this too. Love ya girl. Ron was known to many of us for all of his rides and pictures he posted out in California. He passed in 2016 while riding his bike some say of a heart attack ?? Once again way to young !! RIP Ron .... great Bon friend to all.
My dear friend Maddog2 passed away on July 7 th... Kelly was a wonderful person who lost his battle to lung cancer..R.I P.. my dear friend..
My friend Troy passed away in 2013 down in DE .....wee hours of the morning by himself on his new bike. He hit a concrete median is what the news article said, it showed his bike laying on its side, he died later at the hospital. I met him for dinner a few times in Lancaster, which is close to me (York) and we rode a few times. Nice guy. He worked on helicopters. His mom owned a hotel in Jamaica. He was a very knowledgeable guy. He was only 49 yrs old. :(
List Josphine this past april. Miss you so much.
yup lost a good friend like a brother taken way to soon rip I know there is a grate place to ride where you are and a lot of good friends
My friend Dan passed in 2013. Met him here on Bon. We talked every night for hours. He sent me a message on Bon one day that said “farewell my dear friend I am leaving this Earth”, broke my heart. I thought he was killing himself. He had stage 4 throat cancer and was on deaths doorstep. He went on to tell me so many wonderful things about myself and him and I. I cried for days. He passed soon after. Such a terrific...See More friend .....oh my how I enjoyed our conversations. Miss you Dan !! I know it’s been 6 yrs but I still wanted to post him here. </3
RIP dear friend Steve passed in 2015 at just 56 yrs old. A van hit him while out riding. He taught motorcycle safety courses as well (Pro Riders). He lived in Maryland. I met him here on Bon and I rode with him often. Lost touch with him for a few years, went to say happy birthday like we all do when they pop up on the side of our walls and only to find out he had been killed in a motorcycle accident. Still can’t really believe it. He was a great, fun guy, always smiling. RIP Steve. :*) <3
John Henry Passed away from a massive heart attack February 19 2013
My Dear Friend Fast1 lived her life like her name.
She passed away when her BFs motorcycle was
hit by a young driver...Ride in Peace Sister
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