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FAKE PROFILE of a CHICKENSHIT. Lmao! Michelle Marshall.
7th grade bullshit, at your age. Roflmao.Tell you to call me and you block me like the pussy you are, as you hide behind yet ANOTHER fake profile.
YOU.......... Waaaaa waaaa waaaa :'( booo hooo :'( waaaa waaaa waaaa :'( 8-| :))
She's a wack job 100%..........LOL
Roflmao!!! We'll look, Bruce has the same phone number as Megan. 8-| :)) 8-}
Michelle Marshall profile..

Looking for a backseat and...........
am a single dad of three kids,am an electrical contractor....i am divorce for a year and half now and am hoping too meet someone on here....i love to be on bike but scared to ride by myself lol.
funny how they get mean and nasty when they get called out...

9 minutes ago
fuck you bitch ass

To: stevenson
8 minutes ago
yes, i am. where did you learn how to write? because you write like you are in second grade... get lost.

9 minutes ago
ya ain't serious

To: stevenson
12 minutes ago See More
hey genius, you got that right...

14 minutes ago
what the fuck you mean by fake ...? are you freaking calling me fake ?

To: stevenson
15 minutes ago
lmfao... and like i said, i'm not interested in a fake...

17 minutes ago
i just saw the site online and decided to register to find my charming woman i said,i don't know anything bout this site just i would be glad if...

To: stevenson
21 minutes ago
only one photo. no photo of your motorcycle and your turn ons are good manner and turn offs are improper dressing. lmfao... this is a biker site so why no...

25 minutes ago
okay gotcha...ain't got problems with that

To: stevenson
26 minutes ago
hey genius, i'm not interested, that's why.

27 minutes ago it bad to? i'm new here and dont know anything here ...sorry to bother you with ma request

To: stevenson
27 minutes ago
i don't accept friend request.
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