The NEW Beware of these Men and Women on BON-MODERATED

Tired of the same people posting the same shit? They will not be welcome here. Post it!

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Th 9h s is the pin head kiss my Canadian sass is talking about
Bawahaa... got to love the Hypocrites that actually read this fan page and then turn around and put it down on another fan page. Good one RJ... in his comment to Just Deb. (i) :))
what a creep... sent me a friend request and a message stating. "I like to expose myself to women at random and I want to let some pretty woman like u see me masturbating off in my car somewhere and I post about it and look for friends who think its ok and encourage me to do it"
Tyler Williams sent me a friend request and email because he "would like to know more about me" and what is "my match." Well, when I wrote back and asked him why he was looking for a backseat, guess what? All his emails had disappeared along with his friend request. It appears I've been blocked! :))
ATTENTION J. Nelson if you keep making your snide remarks on all my posts you will be blocked from this page. So do yourself a favor and stfu.
Beware of this guy..he admitted friending me to see what I look like..when I declined his offer to exchange more pics (right?) He unfriended me. Perverts abound here.
not only did this scammer change it's profile information from in a relationship to single but it also changed it's age from 54 to 67....
Bawahaha. JNelson is gross!
Beware of the psycho. Her name is Michelle Marshall AKA 13 politics in her original profile is under Bella. This is her information. If you see her on your fan page I would suggest you block her. Multiple police reports have been filed on this person. She lives with her mother at her mother's address.
Roflmao. Can't read English. Calls a woman and man. LOL.
Can't type English; real name Honeydoodoo.
Had to join to make sure I was not on the most wanted list.....I am Keeps saying he’s a widower and doesn’t type complete sentences as if he’s not used to typing in English. Plus he wanted me to get on google hangouts with him. Nope. Newheart something. Jacksonville, Fl
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