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If you were as wildly incompetent in your job as the government is in theirs, you would be permanently unemployed.
Pfizer and moderna death rates and other stuff hacked
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Lahaina,Maui, Hawaii... an Island, Guns are heavily restricted in Hawaii. Patiotic Americans know that this so called "Wild Fire" is total BS. The CIA or some other Goverment Alphabet Agency did this with a D.E.W. . We The People can't just drive there , only two ways there, Fly( no guns on Planes) Boats( Coast Guard will stop you). Hence the reason this Land Grab happened in Hawaii. Imagine if this were to happen say in TN,, the Red necks would be all over them guns blazing to protect their Land... Really only thing we can do is write your Congressman/woman give them a piece of your mind.... They Killed United States Citizens
Where are the missing TWO THOUSAND(2000) Children? Where are they?
We're back on Aug 2? Looks like something on the site broke big time

Oh SH*T! Here comes the COVID Tripledemic just in time for Winter | Redacted with Clayton Morris
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Do not get comfortable that we’re out of the pandemic because we have a new variant and a new tripledemic coming of Covid, flu and RSV. And what does NBC in their benevolence and totally non-conflicted advice suggest? Vaccine up of course! Because lucky us, there is a vaccine now for each one of those things! Only, the two RSV vaccines on the market have some pretty terrible clinical trials to show for them. The flu vaccine was formulated in March based on "the influenza vaccine production method," meaning what vaccine makers thought they could make, but had no clinical trials. The Covid vaccine, well, that we've covered extensively. Given the low death rate for these three things, why such a big vaccine push?
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