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Was Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger secretly opening boxes of ballots and folding ballots previously identified as pristine?

Overnight it was reported that in Georgia a ‘box’ of ballots was unsealed and opened up by the Secretary of State’s office in Georgia:

800 pages that could've been done on a couple of pages. It doesn't take that many pages and could've probably been done in a few sentences if they wanted free & fair elections..
Project Pelican
This Right Here
Is Why the Arrests Have Not been Made Public!

If they Announced Arrests.....
HRC for Example, they Risked Activation of one or more Cruise Missiles Going Off
From ANY Shipping Container

There "WERE" 100's if not 1000's
Of shipping containers Parked ANYWHERE
Pointing At Right at US!
See More
They Own Ports, all along the Coast Lines, North and South!

They Own The Trucking Companies!
They Own the Drivers!

All the Containers Looked the Same!
4 Cruise Missiles in Each One!

Anyone Could Have Bought One!
They Could Be Anywhere!
Ready to Go Off, Remotely!
At Any Time!

Threatening to Blow us ALL!!

Remember those Nuke Warnings?
Winnipeg, Pickering, South Carolina, Hawaii!

EVERYTHING Is Connected!

HRC is Stuck
Russian Navy to the North
US Navy to the South!

Good Thing Russia is Part of the Alliance!!

Check Mate!
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