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The FBI Is Targeting Trump Supporters as Domestic Terrorists Proving Again that the FBI Is Arguably the Greatest Threat to Our Republic
woman identified as a cat demonstrates how to handle a woke school board!

Concealed carrier, 56, turns the tables on armed carjackers in Chicago, shooting and seriously wounding 2 of them while third suspect breaks leg

Top Biden official says admin supports forcing businesses to 'engage in speech' they 'disagree' with

"We can require businesses open to public to service people, regardless of their backgrounds, even when that means businesses must incidentally engage in speech which they disagree upon."

Human rights org reveals 48 more secret Chinese 'police stations' worldwide, including in LA & NYC

The additional 48 locations adds to the original report from September 2022 that revealed 54 Chinese outlets, totaling at least 102 known instances where Chinese police are conducting operations inside other countries.

NBA Announcer Suffers Medical Emergency Live On Air (Video)

The Atlanta Hawk’s play-by-play announcer suffered a medical emergency live on air.

Announcer Bob Rathburn, while calling the Atlanta Hawk’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, started to convulse ultimately losing consciousness while the cameras were rolling.

Family Blames Pfizer Shot After Their 18-Year-Old Healthy Daughter Dies Suddenly From Unknown Cause

Trista Deane Martin, a 2022 graduate of Broken Arrow High School, died suddenly months after receiving the Pfizer shot.

Allen stated that her daughter suffered heart swelling and organ failure.
Assault weapons ban introduced
Good morning brothers and sisters and friends
I Pledge Allegiance
to the flag of the
United States of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands
One Nation Under God,
Indivisible, with Liberty,
and Justice for All
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