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And remember, out FDA and AG departments are allowing companies to send slaughtered animals to China to be "Processed" and returned to the USA, and they are refusing to force companies to list "country of processing", protecting China and the local US company using them. During the Obama years, one large pork company was sold to a Chinese company, so they raise the pork in the USA, ship it to China, process and pack it in China, ship it back to the USA, and the label reads "RAISED IN THE USA" and no mention of processing/packing in China.
Good morning Patriots!
Let me guess I'm a racist.
Probably the youngest person ever to die of COVID has died here in Connecticut,” — Governor Ned Lamont.
These were his EXACT words. I would like to see how anyone can try to explain how an accidental suffocation which he KNEW about , was then linked to #coronavirus.
Office of Governor Ned Lamont should be imprisoned for this. I am considering lawyering up and seeing what can be done on behalf of mothers. This is inexcusable.
Good morning Patriots
Good Morning America - Land of the Free, Because of the Brave!
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