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You folks have to remember the progressive agenda and the Deep State have had 26 years to entrench themselves starting in 1993 when the Clinton Cartel entered the Oval Office for two terms making sweeping gun control change along with other Saul Alinsky style social engineering programs. The Bush II years were mediocre at best and along came the 8 year disaster of BHO and his corrupt organization. The Obama era DoJ...See More did more to incite and encourage radical retards like BLM and the AntiFa maggots even inviting them to the White House lending them an air of legitimacy and credence thus empowering them to be even more brazen and hateful. POTUS 45 has been in office 3 years fighting every single step of the way trying to unfuck this mess.The libnuts and Rinos (commonly called the swamp) have done everything they can to stop him using everything from congressional investigations, using Clinton and Obama era judges sue the government now they are resorting to using BLM and AniFa to stir the pot. Just a couple days ago Creepy Uncle Joe called AntiFa outstanding American citizens.So yes it is a ploy to make it look like DJT ineffective and an attempt to delegitimize his presidency. If Trump gets 4 more years we can expect more of the same unless the GOP can get off their ass and actually support the President as well as take back the house and the Senate. Should the Dems take back the Oval Office and gain a super majority in Congress I think our Republic as we know it will be in mortal danger.
Good morning Patriots
Good Morning America - Land of the Free, Because of the Brave!
Yeup! And you were the worst in history! #LawyerUpBarry #GitmoAwaits

#Trump2020Landslide #GreatAwakening
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