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The Alaska Highway in Alaska, just over the border from Yukon. Late summer 2015.
I own all of you now. I don't give a fuck if you're black, if you're white, Asian, Latino, or any other race. I will take all of your time and your money. I have destroyed relationships, friendships, and families. I am your addiction. You stare at me the first thing when you're up in the morning and I'm the last thing you hold and read at night. I am your addiction. You can't even go to the bathroom without me. You...See More can't even keep your eyes on the road while driving. You hold me tightly and stare at me during meetings at work, and even while attempting to socialize. I'm your Smartphone,and I own your fucking ass.
The "War on Drugs", "War on Crime", "War on Poverty" and the US Department of Education are total shams. They have not done a damn thing to improve situations and circumstances these plans and bureaus were set up to improve. But we must absolutely turn in our guns and let the government protect us.
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The pretend "War on Women" is a total fraud. It's probably the only "war" being "fought" by our government domestically that is turning out exactly as planned. Don't think for a minute that liberals, socialist and the juice aren't pleased with the results.

What could go wrong? Nothing at all... I mean, look at the United States Postal Service compared to UPS, FedEx or Amazon. Clearly the government does a much better job. And the "wars" fought to improve education, eliminate crime, drugs and poverty have been extremely successful. LOL
all over this country people are callin their kidz and grandkidz ''HOW IN THE HELL DO I CHANGE THE TIME ON MY CAR RADIO''
Too fn funny NOT to share
people dont know who their congressman is,but they know who ben&jerry are.
thingz to do list [1]-sell motorcycle [2]- build ark.
my version of ''THE COLOR PURPLE''
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