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It's places like this where the Beast and I belong. Bighorn National Monument, Wyoming, 2011.
If u live close to the Columbus, Ohio area... THIS IS A RIDE U WANNA get in on. GREAT CAUSE! I know Wayne, personally & what happened to his son, much like many more young kids is just tragic! Let's get involved!
WWII was the final capstone to lay the groundwork for Jewish world domination, everything they do now is just mop up work in preparation for their final world government where they will come out of the closet and present themselves openly as the ruler of all.
If you refuse to eat rotten fish like some zipperhead, you're rayciss.
What does trump have to say about all the statues of American heritage coming down...... thats right NOTHING
STAY INFORMED ABOUT EVIL NAZIS Every murder suspect for St. Louis in 17, so far, is BLACK
?96 out of 96?
Hi I'm Ken from chesterfield Michigan
And Ole Trumpys new legislation he signed will be targeting this exact thing! Get ready, the shit storm is about to really start!
Hello from Anniston,Alabama
Tromp and the Jews want to protect you from the internet, Benjamin Franklin Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety
Random friend requests, I am sure we all get them. But what are you requesters thinking? To send one to someone with no message to me is weird. To send one with no message from a private profile is more weird So....if you are one who does that...why? Do tell your thinking process on this one as I have many friend requests just hanging there being ignored by me.
DREAMS! What do you think of dream interpretation? Is it hogwash? Are dreams just bits and pieces of crap floating in our unconscious mind? I tend to believe the latter but I had a dream last night that was so weird... I saw my own obituary in my dream.
More than 50 arrested for looting in Miami during Irma: police say ''NO WORK BOOTZ WERE TAKEN''

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