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Bearing sorrow, having fun
Have a great weekend
18 years ago today I was rear-ended by a trucker on I-55. My passenger was killed and I was put in a coma for 2 weeks. The cops let the truck driver go Scott free. I just heard that this morning a car turned in front of a bike across town and the rider was sent to the hospital. At least the cops are gonna do something this time.

I know May is supposed to be Motorcycle Awareness Month, but I don't think that the word is getting out there enough. How about some billboards, radio and TV ads.
A dog is man's best friend! :) :D B-) ;)

Do you believe one must be either conservative or liberal....Demo or Repub? I think many people fall in between, I know I do.
My lunch before and after
All it needs is bacon! B-) :-p ;)

Ah the sounds of love! <3

For every one of these cases there are literally thousands of cases of black men killing white men. It's not even comparable. But of course there is only one being featured on CNN. The biggest thing to note is the suspect's use of social media being used in the trial.
this fucker haz issues. lots more vidz on utube
VENUE is announced Thursday , 15 Minutes From Nashville !!

All permits for this event is in order and Complete, Insurance being put in place today.
Please share Nashville Bike week is on !!
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