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Mid 1970s is when the Jooz started pushing the gas chamber hoax. Never a mention of gas chambers before that lol
Hollyweird and the swamp are going down
Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water comes....
I wanna remake this movie with a Robot sex Doll . Sure a love affair with a manikin is less controversial but Netflix is taking any script these days !
I don't Like small birds.
They hop around so merrily outside my window, looking so innocent....
.......... but I know that secretly, they are watching my every move and plotting to beat me over the head with a large steel pipe and take my shoe.
I am 46 tall and good looking man 3 years I have not rode with anyone on here what gives?
Oops got what she voted for
If you want to post INTERESTING political threads that other's will find interesting - go for it. But stop with the political SPAM. EVERY page on this site has been infested by political bullshit posted by what looks to be two people using a multitude of profiles. There are already political pages. You can make a hundred political pages of your own. You can save up your money - buy a plane ticket - or novel...See More concept - ride your damn bikes and meet up somewhere and beat each other with your protest signs! This is supposed to be a website for adults that shouldn't need baby sitters or safe spaces.
Houston is 70% non-White
Houston had 2 MLK Day parades this year. (3 in 2016)
Houston had 3 parades celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day
Do you allow your dog to lick you in the face? Personally I find that as gross as gross can be. So germy...they smell, lick and eat other animals poop, they lick other dogs and their own butts. Just ick!!!!
when the ol'lady said ''I like blowin bubbles''i wasn't expectin this.
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