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Do NOT call someone a scam or a fake until U can prove it with a picture.. If U can't prove it don't post it.. If they're using a pictures they took off the internet then apparently they are a fake..

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1313 Mockingbird Lane.

Fake Fucker USA.

1-800 Got U

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General Interest
The 3 different pics of roadwarrior. The first one is from a friend of his that contacted me to let me know the truth. Scammers think they are so smart.
A friend of STANDYOURGROUND and his description of her, fucking hilarious!!!!!
Beware big scammer itune cards phones will tell you anything he thinks of to get anything from you. Goes by Roadwarrior

... :^
Nutjob Sherrie is also one of her #FakeAndScamProfiles https://www.bikerornot.com/User/946968/Limited
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