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Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel - Samuel Johnson
Another example of extreme vetting.

New definition of racist.......a conservative winning an argument with a liberal-----Ann Coulter......well put.
Nothing says I love you like...

MIlo is a gay British conservative pundit and hard core Trump supporter and as such, he drives the liberals absolutely batshit crazy. He is extremely smart and articulate. You can check out his videos on YouTube and at Breitbart.

Here he takes on a few Muslim hecklers.
As you know, the 9th Circuit Court and various Snowflake talking heads in the media, most recently on Judge Jeanine last night, are claiming that there is NO PROOF that there have been any terrorist attacks from refugees from the 7 countries in question.
Well first, the JV team the Trump administration sent up to argue Trump's case before that Court were NOT prepared.
Second, that's just plain WRONG!
Tell it like it is! B-)

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