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New definition of racist.......a conservative winning an argument with a liberal-----Ann Coulter......well put.
Nothing says I love you like...

MIlo is a gay British conservative pundit and hard core Trump supporter and as such, he drives the liberals absolutely batshit crazy. He is extremely smart and articulate. You can check out his videos on YouTube and at Breitbart.

Here he takes on a few Muslim hecklers.
As you know, the 9th Circuit Court and various Snowflake talking heads in the media, most recently on Judge Jeanine last night, are claiming that there is NO PROOF that there have been any terrorist attacks from refugees from the 7 countries in question.
Well first, the JV team the Trump administration sent up to argue Trump's case before that Court were NOT prepared.
Second, that's just plain WRONG!
Tell it like it is! B-)

Wore mine out again today and was told by seniors at McDonalds, I was awful brave to wear that shirt. Told them I had the shit-starter problem fixer in the saddle bag!
Pretty much how it is. Surprises me that the cunt only got 3 million more votes that Trump in Mexifornia.

He voted for the cunt but he's a reasonable man, no Hollywood fucktard libtard cupcake.

A very sad state of affairs

We vets took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We should be VERY concerned about the growing hatred and animosity to any opposing position being displayed by oh so tolerant Progressives, Leftists and anarchists.
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Last night MIlo was supposed to give a speech on the campus of UC Berkley. Rioters forced the cancellation of the speech. The rioters were well organized and physically attacked people. Several were randomly punched in the face. One individual was dragged from his car and beaten unconscious with steel rods. Folks wearing pro Trump hats were pepper sprayed in the face. Fires were started, 4 or 5 banks were broken into along with a number of small businesses. Cars driving by were attacked with rocks being thrown at their windows and punks jumping on hoods.

Fucking cowards!

At the start of the riot thugs attacked many cameramen. This served to limit the amount of news about the riot. Seemed to be well financed and organized and, btw, George Soros has a home nearby. What a coincidence.

There are ironies galore here. The rioters said that this is only the beginning and that they were 'Nazi hunting'. Nazis claiming to be hunting Nazis.
Berkley is the home of Mario Savio's Free Speech Movement which flourished in the 60s.

It could be argued that the rioters 'converted 90% of California independents into Republicans' to quote Mike Cernovich. But if folks are not alarmed by these continual attacks on free speech they damn well should be.

One more thing, the police did nothing after an apparent stand down order.

Lesson learned.

Several videos here:…
Repeal the NFA, National Firearms Act, stupid law that bans, suppressors, full auto guns and other firearms. Only the rich and law enforcement officials can full auto firearms in this country. We need 100K signatures.
Let's see them mess with America now!!! :O >:(

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