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If you are a man 45 or older and sexy, this is the page for you! Ladies...if you think older men are sexy......tell us! NOTE: NO NUDITY ALLOWED, it will be removed.

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Few days ago...
Told I`m ruggedly handsome, nice bod, ect...yet, 7 yrs single n aint too picky. young ones no mileage, round my age lotsa bagage n too set in their ways. in their 40`s still too close to their kids, smart, pretty w own bike dont want a relationship. Either they are too poor or selfish, when too good to be true usually are. I guess its the same for women,,,the good ones already are in relationships or got burned too many times. I`m so fkn gratefull for my "sisters", I love n I am loved back. Comforting.
just old, not handsome
I’ve always loved older men My soon to be ex-husband is 6 feet tall white and 49 years old… 14 years older than me
Soon to be 60
its gonna stay grey this time.
Hello from Florida
Hopefully maybe 53
Need some meat for chili
Wish I was still In my 50's lol
I don't know about sexy, but not ugly. lol. Arkansas
Any of you handsome guys in Phoenix AZ
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