women willing to relocate for the right man!

women that found there man but not in there area!

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Still looking
I live is a suburb near Detroit Michigan
Think you could live here ? ? ?
Well Write To Me in a mail or Friend me to get more info ;)
I love where I live, but I can be happy anywhere with the right person... although I DO love being around trees and water :) Have a great day, everyone!
still looking in northwest Indiana!!!!!!!!!
i could do with relocating, england is a cold shithole!
Still looking in Ohio
WOW!! I cannot believe the crap has come to this fan page too
Sick to death of all this petty childish bullshit posted here. GTFU
By seeing the childish posts back and forth, only reminds me why I'm still single. When the FK is adults going to start acting as such? I mean really, I see it so often people in their 40's and up acting worse than scorn 20 yr olds.... Breeze72
There are some bitter people on here that seem to think they have a lock on what everyone else should be doing. And hoping you don't look to deep into there bitter life. One who probably is incapable of finding happiness with twenty years to look. She was very interested in me until I found someone else. Then came bitter e-mails and lectures on how to live my life. So let's set the record straight. I am the one that...See More miss stand your ground is venting on. Just a few things to set straight. I was seeing someone on here for awhile, and she was quite offended when I called it a relationship. I guess she is the judge of what we allowed to feel. I am not on disability, I am recovering from surgery, and support myself quit well thank you. I am sure far better than you. Second all of my pictures have dates. The main profile one is 4 months old. And no one care what a bitter self serving old biddy thinks about other people. Read here manafesto (profile) to see what a egotistical bitch she truely is. So go right a head and dish out your advise and your snarky remarks. You think your insitful, but your actually a sad bitter woman with nothing to do but dish out advise no one wants
I live is great riding climates and beautiful places. The only thing missing is the right partner in crime.
come join me in warm and sunny south Louisiana......
Phoenix Arizona here!
Pelican Bay in N Cali !!! Beautiful country up here. Granted it's a Supermax but they have monthly conjugal. Must be willing to feed my cat and horse though for the next 4 years or so...
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