women willing to relocate for the right man!

women that found there man but not in there area!

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I know one or two that left all they knew on their own dime they went barely enough for one-way. Then in need of rescue.. yes told not gonna work took a day to a week. Now very worse off than ever before even face sleeping anywhere but near him oh yes men too... It's just this . Just what ya gonna do once there and find it's oh hell no.. I am not saying don't I am not saying do.. it's just this what next if it's oh hell no..
Going to be visiting Wilmington North Carolina next week. Anyone in that area?
Would relocate for the Wright man
Who's ready to be honest, open and ready for a good woman?
Guys guys guys.. This is for WOMEN wanting to relocate.. Not guys looking for women wanting to locate. Stop posting pics of urselves. Ur ruining this fuking page.
isnt this page for WOMEN that want to relocate ??????

im I missing something here....its mostly guys HELLOOOO !!! LMAO
Well this could be interesting.
After a careful View of the Fans on this Page ( 958 ) Seems 90 % Male
and 10% Female' Thats a lot of candy in the store.
and no one wants to take the taste test." OR everyone wants the same Flavor. Hum :-I
Ok Ladys Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.. Send Me a Message.
I would relocate in heartbeat if the guy is the right connection. Anita 60 yrs young.
I got room in Colorado
Men beware of this woman, ladyfish, she is a nutcase from North Carolina.
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