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#DebraLynnGregory #DebraLynnHolsworth #XmasCunt aka Christmasbaby Debra Lynn Gregory Idc what u tagged and deleted on this post. #RacistBitch
...... ;)
Bikers :))
I love fucking with fake accounts like whoever this bimbo is.. I told IT I was a necktie strangler the idiot gives me a phone number. Lol. The pic of the woman is on stupid people I tell ya. IT has 4 desperate friends. I hope they get burned out of a lot of money. Here for all you dumbies ITs phone number. Even the numbet came up as a scammers lol.
Christmasbaby and crew posting about me on multiple pages. Do u wana fuck me bitch or why am I always in your mouth? Shut the fuck up bitch. The page of hate is the one named after me that YOU have been posting on for 10 months. YOU have posted me and my familys nanes and pics THAT'S why u get your info posted Debra Lynn Gregory.
:D :))
T see the Bitch Michelle found her Crayon's lol she is a Sick Bitch lol
So many to choose from. I can't decide.
This one is for you Michelle lol
Makes a great gift for that special man cunt in your life #BAHAHAHAHAHA :))
And so u don't feel left out Eddie #BAHAHAHAHAHA #GrandpaTroll
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