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If you are looking for the real & honest woman or man, Then meet here. But beware, if you are caught that you are in a relationship with someone else while doing so then you are not being real & honest and you will be called know who you are!

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Looking for a cool lady....any takers?
Still looking in South Jersey
Just relocated to Pittsburgh, PA - north of the city. Love to ride. Friends first, relationship would be fabulous. Still hoping.
Anyone near Michigan who loves nature and a quiet, secluded, romantic cabin in the woods on a lake?
About ready to give up...
I'm finding most people are only wanting to play games with people's emotions. If you're not 25 and look like a model, then you're overlooked...
Such is life and I'm fine being alone until something worth my time comes along...
Single in Arizona
hanging is pennsy
HI People ! man let Me just say that i`M Really pissed Because when ever I Talk 2 woman on BON From My phone I Guess They don`t Believe It when I Tell them About Myself I Guess they have been Bullshitted all there Lives when it comes 2 trusting Men Well Y should I Bullsht someone what do I Have 2 Gain well i Guess woman Have Tryed 2 Bullsht Me But I`ve Been Around the Block so Many times I Have My Own Route ! HA ! HA ! HA ! Look I Get Rid Of the BS Early So i Don`t Have 2 Put up With it Later ! Still Single in NJ waiting 2B Found ! {:>) THX & I Approve this MESSAGE ! {:>)
Pick me!! Looking for sweet sexy tall guy :)
Every one I've come across start out like a dream, then reality bites. Honesty is seXy, try it!!! Current pics & accurate relationship will get you a lot more points than the bs I've been seeing.
Still staying optimistic In MI.
Where are you my tall, honest, faithful man?
single in SC upstate area
Single on NC/SC coast
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