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If you are looking for the real & honest woman or man, Then meet here. But beware, if you are caught that you are in a relationship with someone else while doing so then you are not being real & honest and you will be called know who you are!

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Keeping my eyes n heart open for that special one in South Carolina
Why is it when you fall for someone and they don't want you. The story of my life.
Where are the Real Honest Single women in the Bay Area? Seems like all the good ones are way TF across country!!!
I’m in the middle of a divorce… Long story short my soon to be ex-husband has been cheating on me since January and we’ve been separated for 2 1/2 months… I’m in Houston looking to make some new friends
Hi Yall....bored in Ohio. lol
Single in SC
I truly wonder if anybody knows what a real relationship is anymore?!?!?!?
Looking for real and long-term in florida
Been going on 2 years single in Florida - mostly because I'm super picky lol
Happy and safe Memorial day! Sending positive energy from Arizona!
Honesty and respect is all I'm asking for . . . y is it so hard to find
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