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If you are looking for the real & honest woman or man, Then meet here. But beware, if you are caught that you are in a relationship with someone else while doing so then you are not being real & honest and you will be called know who you are!

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General Interest
Still solo tripping :(
Still looking in South Jersey
Just relocated to Pittsburgh, PA - north of the city. Love to ride. Friends first, relationship would be fabulous. Still hoping.
Anyone near Michigan who loves nature and a quiet, secluded, romantic cabin in the woods on a lake?
About ready to give up...
I'm finding most people are only wanting to play games with people's emotions. If you're not 25 and look like a model, then you're overlooked...
Such is life and I'm fine being alone until something worth my time comes along...
Single in Arizona
HI People ! man let Me just say that i`M Really pissed Because when ever I Talk 2 woman on BON From My phone I Guess They don`t Believe It when I Tell them About Myself I Guess they have been Bullshitted all there Lives when it comes 2 trusting Men Well Y should I Bullsht someone what do I Have 2 Gain well i Guess woman Have Tryed 2 Bullsht Me But I`ve Been Around the Block so Many times I Have My Own Route ! HA ! HA ! HA ! Look I Get Rid Of the BS Early So i Don`t Have 2 Put up With it Later ! Still Single in NJ waiting 2B Found ! {:>) THX & I Approve this MESSAGE ! {:>)
Pick me!! Looking for sweet sexy tall guy :)
Every one I've come across start out like a dream, then reality bites. Honesty is seXy, try it!!! Current pics & accurate relationship will get you a lot more points than the bs I've been seeing.
Still staying optimistic In MI.
Where are you my tall, honest, faithful man?
lookin hoping SC
single in SC upstate area
Single on NC/SC coast
Been alone for 10 years except the company of my 4 legged kids. My time was spent saving a company that is called the original aftermarket company that suffered a lot of setbacks. It is doing great but I guess I forgot how to date. I really would like to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, going to rally's and shows.
This is a fairytale people don't know how to be real or honest
This may be the year to find romance and love again.
Hopefully someday soon.
Single & Still looking in MO ~Jo
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