Fans of naughty and erotic messages......   : )

Sexy men and women, who are fans of naughty and erotic messages from the opposite sex.......who know what they like, and enjoy reading and writing them....... ; )

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Fans of naughty and erotic messages...... : ) Join Fan Page

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I would love to get a naughty message....
The best way to treat your lady is start out with giving her a bubble bath and while u are washing every inch of her u can whisper naughty and Dirty
things in her ear and she will cum as u touch her,....That is to start with
just need to share this photo of a glass half full, or half empty...
Iam more of a show you what i know kind of guy mild s&m ,rope bondage,, voyeurism ,anthing you can dream up . I just dont do scat or humiliation.. .. i just dont know how to put all i know to paper
Oh babe! Why are your hands so hot? You put them between your what? Girl you're on fire... you need for me to get the hose out and cool you off. Wait, what are you doing with that bottle of Wesson oil and roll of black landscape plastic? Oh I see, you want to roll it out, cover it with oil and then we can slip an slide all over it with the sprinkler on to keep us cool. That's a HOT idea!!!
For you Baby Boy.... Where are you lil one.... I need to feel you, to taste the salt of you sweat on your skin, torun my hands up your arms and over your shoulders so I can pull you deeper into my crevices. I need to stare into your eyes and will you to make love to me harder, to lock eyes in that stare that allows me to feel the hunger in your soul, that state that braids me into your soul. I wanna feel the the...See More drops of sweat that cool as they fall through the air and splash into my body. I want to feel the urgency in the friction we create, sliding back and forth like an old loggers saw thru a giant log. And as the white flashes explode in oir brains as the end comes and you fall heavy on my body...we know we have once again found heaven....
oh hell yah bby talk dirty for me lol ;)--
I have written 23 erotic short stories and have them posted on my personal web site for your reading pleasure at
I looked for you all night .... I could feel you all night but I just couldn't reach you ...I felt your kisses all over my body and I felt the tingle of your breath on my neck as it sent shivers down my spine .... The sensations that went through my body made it to the depths of my soul .... I would say that I needed you but that would be a lie.. The truth is I just wanted you ..,, The desire burned and raged inside... The desire to hear you gasp my name one more time .... what I wouldn't give to hear that guest from your lips one more time
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