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As The stage lights dim I saw her there ... Our eyes met....The look on her face was strange, She was staring at me biting her upper lip...It was then I noticed...she was touching her left breast, circle of the the outer mound....The lust from her face immediately took my breath...As I began to utter words into the microphone, I was captivated. The look on her face , the sight of her sensuality....I was lost in...See More space and time....I tried to sing words but my mind was racing....I watched her expose her hard nipple and gently pinch it....Blood rushed through my body and excitement swelled within me....NO WAY WAS THIS HAPPENING I thought....Everything went silent in my mind...I was focused on her....She whispered words “ YES”...I instantly became rock hard and saw she had focused in on it....She out her finger to her lips and slid it between her lips...I was overcome with passion, forgetting words and chords or even what I was doing....just focused on her....She grinned with such erotic sensuality....she winked....!!!!!!!....( continued)!!!!
On Halloween you have put on your sexiest witch outfit complete with push up brass bra and get on your broom to fly your way to the bedroom of your next spook and the source of your wicked powers.
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Hovering above the houses outside, you look inside the windows and see me laying naked in bed. I hear you tapping on the window and in a trance I open the window. You fly into my arms and stick your long witch tongue deep down my throat. "Would you like to be Tricked or Treated my little man?" You stoke my cock making it grow big. "Can I ride this broomstick?" You say growling and continue stroking it till I'm good and hard. You push me back on the bed and crawl on top and slither onto my cock with your hot yet cold pussy. "I need you to warm me up on the inside. Do you think you can manage that?" My hard cock pulsates when you ride up and down the shaft.

You stick your pointed hard nipples in my face and I suck on them making your tits swell with milk. I suckle like a baby does filling my mouth with milk. As I drink it down, my cock gets even harder and bigger.

I'm still not aware of what is happening since you have cast a wonder-lust spell on me, but my cock responds to your every desire as your black pelted pussy sucks me in deep. Hovering on my hard stick you suck the life force from my shaft. It fills you with milky spunk in wave upon wave that satisfy your needs and refreshes your drained energy.

My balls have now been drained dry after what seems like hours but my cock stays stiff as you gyrate up and down on it. Feeling me give your body new energy, your pussy responds and you purr with delight... as the full moon comes from behind the cloud, your spell is broken and I begin to wake up from my slumber. Your swollen breasts give one last generous squirt of milk into my mouth and down my throat it goes... as the quickening is now complete, you suddenly vanish.

I slowly wake up feeling my stomach is full yet my body drained only to find both spunk and milk in a puddle on the bed. I look at the wet patch wondering, 'was that from my dream?'
I feel the pressuse of his thigh slide down mineand the warth of his belly against my back, as im slightly roused from my dream. Im barely awake, my eyes still shut and sleeping. Only that deep, primal part of my brain stirring as his legs pressing up on my legs. I can feel that hunger in his movement,s as only happens during sleep sex. That hunger with purposeful intent to fuck hard and deep behind it. The...See More movevents of his body quickening, his hands move around to grab and squeeze my breast. My sleepy body pushing my ass back into him, as he pushes his hard cock into me. Our bodies shoving and sliding into each other...grinding, intensifying so radidly, even though my eyes wernt open yet. Reaching behind me, groping for him, so rigid, so fucking hard, it seemed it would burst, trying to shove him in me, trying not to smash him between our bouncing bodies. Instantly shoved onto my face, that cock shoves deep inside me, dry as it goes in, then instantly flooding, so. I can feel the chill of it on my ass and his groin, as our bodies suck in cool air as our bodies smack together. I feel hands wound in my hair and an iron hand on my hip for grip, my body being slammed against his over and over. His cock is suddenly yanked out of me, im flipped over, my knees pinned to my ears, as he plunges in, violently pinning me to the bad, our eyes burst open together, at that same moment and LOCK onto each other. Only then do I hear our bodies slapping and hear the low, cat~like mewling pouring from me. Staring into his eyes, the pounding grows so fast, so intense that my pelvis tighens and explodes before I can register it and he yells his groan in tandem with me and I feel him cum so hard it pours back out of me all over the sheet. And like a machine thats been turned off,, our bodies finally slow, until he colapses to the side of me. Our eyes still locked, until we can catch our breath and make sense of what has just happened. Seconds later, we are laughing, coming to senses. On shaky thighs, he grabs a towel and cleans himself. then throwing it to me, to mop up our mess, he winks, laughs and says to me, "What got into you this morning?!" as he runs off to the shower!!
Here is a bit of my erotic writing. Follow the link and hope you enjoy. It's not a site with pictures, only erotic words:
...His voice in my ear, it did interesting things to curved my back and parted my lips... I felt lazy and feline, and he wasn't even in the room.... ~lilmissmidnight~
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