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Will you get the rose or not? This is a site for TRUE Bachelors and Bachelorettes looking to connect. Please married men or women or people the are in a relastionship. Lets keep it real.

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Southern Wisconsin
It may be hot and humid outside. But nothing like a little OTT Chili and some Homemade 140 proof Apple Pie Shine. Hey, a biker has got to eat.
I was privileged to be brought into a conversation in the middle of the bank the other day. The conversation was pertaining to men and women, love and respect. I kept it short . As men and women of GOD we are called to be a living example of Christ here on Earth. Jesus showed us love and respect with that being said. Ladies stop saying there are no good men out here especially if you continue to go after the same...See More type of man you just left. Men treat women with respect. Pull the chair out for them, open the door for them. WARNING!!! Ladies If a man does not open a door for you or pull a chair out for you he is not honoring your true worth. Men if a Woman has a problem allowing you to open her door or to pull her chair out she's truly not worth your time because she's someone who does not truly know her worth. Take away: Stop going after the same things if you already know it's going to hurt you. Allow GOD to take you out of your comfort zone so he can bless you with someone that you deserve.
Since I was here the last time, I have become a grandmother. I am divorced; however, I am not looking for a man. I am waiting for a man to find me, after all, I think I'm worth it. I'm old school.
Ladies go find yourself a GODLY fearing man. A GODLY fearing man knows the blessings he will receive by having a wife. Now if you claim you've already dated a GODLY fearing man. REALITY CHECK I would then tell you one or two things has happened 1) He was not a True Man of GOD especially if he mistreated you (beat on or cheated on you) 2) You messed up with him and you're trying blame him for you messing up. (May GOD forgive you)
Who's looking to enjoy what life has to offer?
Looking for serious adults interested in a long term relationship
Looking for real, and a sense of adventure.
just looking for ! decent local guy, with his act together and understands life and love, honesty and being faithful.. not alot to ask or is it...
Damn I want a serious relationship
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