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I got these in the mail today. I bought them on eBay for $9.50 for all three, with free shipping. Check out the price tag on the hula popper, $1.44, it looks like it's seen the water only a handful of times. I was going to take these up to the cabin and use them up there, but I think I may keep them down here, and put them in storage, because I think they may be worth more than I had originally thought. What do you all think, any thoughts?
Anyone in North Carolina that can hook me up with a hog hunt?
Osprey tries to steal his bass
This little lady wrestles a 30 lb. flathead catfish out of its aqueous lair by hand.
For those of you that don't hunt , or ever get the opportunity to study whitetail behavior , this buck is real nervous about something in the area, but he can't pinpoint what it is. He drops his head like he's going to go back to feeding and picks it up quickly, in hopes that he'll fool whatever it is that is making him so nervous to move. Watch his tail, if it's straight up, that's the white-tailed deer's alarm...See More signal, and he'll swap ends and hightail it out of the area. If it's straight down, he's relaxed,not alarmedat all, and he'll give that sideways wagging f his tail to let other deer behind him know that there's no threats in the immediate area. When it's halfway up, he's showing his apprehension about something in the area. Other more mature bucks that might be following, (mature deer let younger, less cautious deer lead, that's how big bucks live so long) won't even come into that area, this guy will never see them. They're standing back in the shadows watching this younger buck.
Is anyone on this page in North Carolina?
Looking for places to hunt.
I posted an earlier article about bears learning this deadly behavior, now other predators are learning it as well. Here in Wisconsin, I've learned how to "hotrod" some of my pistols to get .357 Magnum power out of a 9 mm pistol, and .44 magnum power out of a 45 caliber pistol, so I've got multiple shots on my hip to protect both myself and my downed game from packs of wolves that have learned...See More this dangerous ploy. (18 rounds of either cartridge, depending on which I choose to carry that day). 
Interested in doing the same conversion to your own pistol?, and Clark Custom Guns down in Louisiana sell the kits for one or both of these chamberings. 

NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum | Does a Hunter’s Gunshot Attract Predators?
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