Bikers that want a Good Lover and Best Friend!

For all the Bikers WANTING and not NEEDING a Best Friend and Lover. There is a difference! Post your picture and let the Loving begin!

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I know you're out there somewhere...
Do I want a good liver and best friend?? Truth is I want more tthan that...think about it..not just a good lover but each other's only best friend that loves claiming the backseats I'm greedy .. best friends that go to sleep together wake up together same bed naked..not each other's houses..yes I want a good lover that's my best friend..
Looking for the total package
Still looking are you out there ?
Always open to probabilities in SC
I think this applies to everything.People complain about not finding what they want on BON. Maybe the thing they should change is where they look....On BON real Bikers leave all the time....for a reason . :^
B-) on another fan page complaining about everybody's memes and trying to control the fan page. Apparently just a troll :^
FreeSpiritChick. Now your spamming over here too!!! Are you here to find a friend and lover or just spread your memes.
A good lover and best friend! Damn i would love that
I sure miss having a best friend and that digs a bon fire often....good music, skinny dipping, dancing and laughter with his Harley parked not far away. A girl can dream.
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