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Our Classy First Lady!
Sorry about the dead link folks, if you want to join the new page, just type in "Handgunning" on the fan pages search engine. It'll take you there

Hope to see you all there!
OMG !!!!
Why am I not surprised that he was embezzling funds from his lemonade stand !!!!!
And to think that this man is our President...
With all of the hatred being spewed, the constant bickering, and the whole concealed carry page being commandeered, I've started up a new page for handgunning. Folks come on over there, I'll monitor the page off and on all day to keep the trolls off.

Handgunning-defensive-target and hunting.
Found this little gem on Craigslist!!!!!
This is great. I can't wait for it to come out.
Remember, we ARE winning. We aren't as loud as the left is, but we, nonetheless, are winning !!!
If you live in a "blue state" and you are alarmed at how far they will go to take your God Given Right to Self Defense along with numerous other bull shit control freak laws they can come up with here's something to think about.
It does get hot down here in the Great State of Texas, but after being down here for 5 years now I can see why everybody calls it the Great State of Texas !!! See More
There is work galore, no matter what you do, believe me, there is work.
The cops don't put up with any bull shit, at least in Austin, it is one of the safest cities in America.
There is a lot to do down here and there are at least a dozen different climates here so no matter what you you will no doubt get a nice raise and the job security of knowing that you can get a job on Friday if you decided to quit or just took some time off.
So please think about that, the money is good and here in Austin the babes are absolutely out of this world. I won't get involved with them as I am too old, but I really picked a great place to become a lecherous dirty old man !!!
Here's some pics of the Great State of Texas I recently took.
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