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49 years ago today. I still remember where I was when Neil Armstrong uttered the famous words, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"...
Here is a pic of 1Lt Murphy and his memorial after the stupidass little man decided he wanted to deface something that he has no idea how much work it took to get to that place and the bravery and commitment it takes to be awarded the Medal of Honor...
I don't know if anybody saw this memorial to 1Lt Michael P Murphy after it was vandalized by some stupid 14 year old puke.

An unnamed 14-year-old was arrested on Friday at approximately 3:00 a.m. after destroying Lt. Michael P. Murphy’s memorial at his namesake park in Lake Ronkonkoma. See More
Lieutenant Murphy was a native of Patchogue, Long Island. He served as a Navy SEAL until he was killed on June 28, 2005, in a battle between his 4-man team and over 30 Afghan fighters. He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor—the first member of the Navy to receive it since the Vietnam War.

Famed Lone Survivor author Marcus Lutrell served with Murphy, and called the youth a “coward” for his act of vandalism. Meanwhile, thousands have offered to donate money to have the memorial restored. Fortunately, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says those efforts will be unnecessary, as the state will pay for its replacement.

“The people of this state and this nation owe Lt. Murphy a debt of gratitude, and I personally thank him for his service,” he said.

At least the NY Governor, Cuomo has said that the state will pay for the replacement of the memorial...
Well, I think I got most of the shit off the page.
This is what happens when people refuse to take their meds... See More
This one is seriously off their medications. Like most of the left wing they are so totally obsessed with their views of the world and to disagree with anything they say, think or do, it disturbs their inner vision of the world that they want to live in where they are in charge and they get to be the ones that send those of us that disagree off to the death camps....
And they call us the Nazi's.
To call anyone a Nazi lessens the true evil that the Nazi's and the Japanese empire was in reality.
Make no mistake about it, if given the opportunity, they would be the ones to send us to the death camps.
On the other hand, we have the guns and the will to use them against any and all comers...
In other words, they will lose and will lose everything, up to and including their lives...
They want a civil war, they think that the cops will come to their rescue and the military will follow suit and lock up all of us...
I want to wholeheartedly thank those of you that sent me messages about the BONcunt.
And a special thanks to our esteemed co-owner for giving the bitch the boot before I got home from work.
This is a great place filled with great people.
#GUNPORN !!!! Wheel gun edition !!!!
Well, we have another douche bag blowing up this page and again BON admin is useless. I choose to the ignore POS’s like this stand thing.
With #PresidentTrump siding up with Putin lately and telling the intelligence community to suck balls we haven't heard much about gun control lately.
Those fucks are all melting down over that press conference.
Rush had it right yesterday when he said that there is no way he should trust the intelligence what with them spying on his campaign.
Keep it up #PresidentTrump.
To borrow a well coined phrase...
How I met your Mother...
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