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Pretty Pics by Shutterbugs on BON. Join Fan Page

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Really foggy dreary day here all day today weird animal noises know at night with my window open glad I'm not outside.
Beautiful Tree on the way home on my daughters property even in the foggy day it still was pretty.
What are these Birds maybe Black Birds there was hundreds of them on my walk to my daughters this evening and do they ever make noises and there not crackles. I scared up a bunch in the swamp by the river it was a Black Cloud of them they flew to fast to get a picture of them.
Huge leaves at my daughters place these I don't pick just take pictures they are not a very nice tree we usually cut them down there not good for nothing so far that we can find.
This other Maple Leaf was on my front deck for a tree in my back yard so beautiful yellow and the tree was not that big.
Today it was sorta humid, foggy and misty but I went for a walk and came across this Maple Leaf I couldn't believe the size of it and neither could my family. It must be from all the rain we have been getting and it fell of a small little tree. So beautiful I like pressing leaves of all colors and shapes and sizes.
My last rose standing,,
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