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Dedicated to voting Obama out of office and keeping traditional American values, uniting bikers nationwide to become politically active and vote conservative. If you like my page friend me, it helps to get the word out. Thank you Mr. Breeze

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If you claim to be a Christian and you are a liberal you are trolling my page GTFO
Take ur ass back to kenya!
I am so sick of this puke I can't stand it...
So I'm reading this, thinking.... Neither TRUELY care about being president.... It's all about stopping Trump...
His inept leadership has almost 1 in 5 homes with people out of the workforce because of 7 years in the White House. Almost 50% of the people are receiving aid. So he uses distorted numbers & thinks people will think he was at least a mediocre President. HE'S A FAILURE that now is spending our tax dollars for his world vacation tour.
Gee... I wonder why they don't have any mudslime goatfucker problems in Japan...
He's going to be using the bathroom with your 9 year old daughter at Trump Tower...
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