Perfectly Imperfect - Can You Overlook An Imperfect Body?

Not everyone has a perfect body. Childbirth, weight loss or scars. Are you man enough to love an imperfect woman? Crystal Pistol

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Amboy, IL here and Definately Imperfect. Looking to ride
My Perfectly Imperfect...
I'd rather be an imperfect, hot mess, then pretend to be someone I'm not ;)
Good Morning! :)
In my case it’s not the body so much you got to get past the face LOL
I have many flaws inside and out. But it makes me who I am.
Nobody loves their imperfections. But eventually we have to at least accept some of them!!!
Do you agree? 8:^)
ok l dont know how to flip this up correctly
No makeup, just me, all natural.perfectly imperfect.
Love this!!! I had a double mastectomy in June and my scars are perfectly imperfect, and they show just how strong I am <3
Can't hide when the camera is this close - no secrets here - this is whatcha get!
Embrace your imperfections! They make u a limited edition! Good morning Y'all! Hope your day is amazing!
No such thing as the perfect body there's just perfect for you :^
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