Perfectly Imperfect - Can You Overlook An Imperfect Body?

Not everyone has a perfect body. Childbirth, weight loss or scars. Are you man enough to love an imperfect woman? Crystal Pistol

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I don't think imperfections of the body are the problem, it's when people want to attack the imperfections of the way you neuro- process things that is the biggest problem of all.
I have never had the perfect ANYTHING - much like everyone else.
But I will not judge anyone based on their perfections, without also loving their imperfections as well..
Love - not hate -
Twisty Hugs xoxox
To Truly Love yourself you have to Love your own Body even with its imperfections .. Can you imagine if we all had the same shape,,U No choices
TBT :::: Happy Thursday
I am FAR from perfect!
If I could find me a good woman to live with me, travel America with me and hopefully marry me I would lose a lot of weight devouring her daily as well as going for walks, dancing, sexercise and just having fun forever!!!
I am far from perfect, but I am ME, no one else is like me.
This isnt just a page for the ladies...the imperfection is not only in the body...but i akways have to keep my heart in check also...body goes with age...heart is so much deeper...we are all created in Gods since no one is guaranteed tomorrow... I accept myself the way i am..and at times that is very hars to do...
I have struggled loving my imperfections, this would be a. Great challenge for me with 2017
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