Perfectly Imperfect - Can You Overlook An Imperfect Body?

Not everyone has a perfect body. Childbirth, weight loss or scars. Are you man enough to love an imperfect woman? Crystal Pistol

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not too bad for 49 ??? watcha think
No such thing as the perfect body there's just perfect for you :^
Pretty close to my body.
Just because our bodies may be imperfect to many people I hope we can be perfect for someone.
Very few of us have a perfect body...self included. What each of us finds attractive is different. While *I* can personally overlook an imperfect body - and some of the most beautiful minds I've know are in imperfect bodies - it also stands to reason that a person must have a physical as well as emotional and intellectual attraction - for a long-term relationship.
We try to cover our scars with Tattoo's but some you just can't cover...losing 100 pounds one is left with many, then a rough life of abuse there is more that left me who I am...So I say, I'm okay with who I am today because God Don't Make No Junk....I have been through a lot but Our Lord saved me for the pit of Haiti's...All Praise, Honor and Glory go to Him! B-)
I'm not perfect in anyway between having children I'm definetly not a 10 lol but I'm real
I can't expect perfection in another when it doesn't exist in me... scars & stretchmarks & jiggles & tattoos & piercings & split ends & more... but workin' what I've got!
Very definitely perfectly imperfect
I am quite content being Imperfect in many way.
This is such a great page. I love the idea that we celebrate who we are rather than celebrate facades of what Madison Avenue advertises. I.E....I watched...FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE...... The Victoria Secrets show a couple of weeks ago. I was really sad to see that they continue to use professional straight up and down models instead of using REAL WOMEN to wear the wings.
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First of all....showing those gals....and don't get me wrong...I am NOT A HATER because in my younger days I would have easily been one of those pretties up there on the catwalk sporting the wings. However at this juncture of my life I looked at the physiques of those women and really had a hard time with it all. They were straight up and down with not one ounce of anything on them. THAT....IS NOT REALITY.

Why doesn't the company have a contest or some way of getting every day women of all sizes, shapes, colors AND the ones who wear the outfits....I would do it in a heartbeat to show what 61 looks like.I am not a millionairess by any means which then means that I don't have people doting over me all the time with make-up, gym routines, yoga gurus, palates classes or any of the other ongoing perks that these gals get for being VS Angels. Quite the contrary.

I think that in order to have younger women understand that we ALL GET OLDER....and with that our bodies change......we....the "elders" have to show them how to embrace it....NOW.

So ladies...go out and find your wings and FLY!!!!!!
What you see is what you get
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