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Into Action, Working with Others
Matching Calamity With Serenity. It took some (A Lot, Actually!) extra riding to keep The Balance this Week....and it Worked! How FREE do you Want To Be???
I just read the Coolest thing and wanted to share it. F.E.A.R. Forgetting Everything is Alright. I have heard a lot of different analogies over the years. I really like this one.
*** Believe in God / Believe in the process / Believe in yourself *** A.A. Thought for the Day “Offer new prospects friendship and fellowship. Tell them that if they want to get well you will do anything to help. Burn the idea into the consciousness of new prospects that they can get well, regardless of anyone else. Job or no job, spouse or no spouse, they cannot stop drinking as long as they place dependence on...See More other people ahead of dependence on God. Let no alcoholic say they cannot recover unless they have their family back. This just isn’t so. Their recovery is not dependent upon other people. It is dependent on their own relationship to God.” Can I recognize all excuses made by a prospect? Meditation for the Day The spiritual life depends upon the Unseen. To live the spiritual life, you must believe in the Unseen. Try not to lose the consciousness of God’s spirit in you and in others. As a child in its mother’s arms, stay sheltered in the understanding and love of God. God will relieve you of the weight of worry and care, misery and depression, want and woe, faintness and heartache, if you will let Him. Lift up your eyes from earth’s troubles and view the glory of the unseen God. Each day try to see more good in people, more of the Unseen in the seen. Prayer for the Day I pray that I may rest and abide in the presence of the unseen God. I pray that I may leave my burdens in His care.
Who am I?? Well I'm Buzz you can call me what you want I have a addiction problem that's for rest of . Life.. and I can live with that.. I'm no one to give advice.. I came to the rooms by choice I didn't have to obey the judge ok.. I did stick around because I wanted to.. not for anybody you understand that?? I stayed around because I wanted to ok.. I started working on my recovery started doing thinking what...See More really worked for me... Do you Know how many told me I'll be back to as if before .. well every body did but for just a couple.. I mean only a couple didn't tell me I'll be back doing drugs n booze.. they know this recovery stuff works when you want it and begin doing what works for yourself on not drinking doing drugs .. I took the choice to do to yes in mind for me.. and with hope .. to many many I should be in prison and a full blown drunk drugged out.. funny how many of them stopped recovery . Me I'm working on my recovery how it's keeps me from drinking booze or hard drugs.. yes I do now because pain got worse I do take a bit or two of green it actually works better than a doctor ordered pill so ok I'm dirty. Not clean well Kool all the 2000s I have not drank booze I hope to won't all 2000s I have not done my drug of choice or others I enjoyed. It's my recovery .. too many that had 20 yrs or more or 5 to 10 yrs clean told me I'll be back out of the rooms well funny how most went out .. I didn't.. my recovery is mine I think what is waiting for me if I choose to have a shot of booze well 1 not enough then a snort yep been there don't want to it stopped being anything fun. I have a ongoing thing yep I do for me
I haven't drank a sip a booze unless by pure mistake. I haven't done any hard drugs because I stopped. I do now smoke a bit or two of green because it stops that pain.. I stopped drinking booze I stopped useing hard drugs because I did for me.. my reasons. How I keep from going back is simple now I know what kind of life waiting a life that stopped being fun. The way I began useing is mine not yours now skip all...See More until how I ended useing it's mine end not yours now it my recovery not yours zero to really compare for it's mine not yours yours is yours not mine different.. how my recovery works for me may not work for anyone but me it's mine that's why.. I am in my recovery as it works for me I have to because it for me. I Know I can only do my recovery for me because I want to need to for me.. you can not make me do my recovery that's your way because it's not mine.. now judge me or give me a loving caring acesment 8m working on my recovery ok don't work mine work yours . Not for me but for yourself.. selfish am I ? Damn right I am when it's comes right down to it I gotta do recovery for me that's works for me Oct 28 1999 till today. Tonight who knows I might not be doing recovery . I don't believe I'll stop working my recovery but shit happens.. second by second minute by minute hour by hour day by day.. I need to remember why I began my recover for me ..
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