True Friendship and Respect for One Another

A drama free place to forge solid friendships through common respect for one another.-Alain

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Reflecting on how at times we struggle through certain situations which test our patience and certainly test our friendships with those whom we are surrounded by. With family, our workplace, even within our communities and social sites (the gym, at the market, etc.) it sure ain’t easy to bite our tongues. Heck I remember biting my tongue with a teenager at choir practice years ago when he turned and said “you’re...See More flat” but he was right.... I couldn’t hit the note to save my life. Or the co-worker who tries to rule the place... lol (there are a few of those in every walk of life!) My point is.... standing back and accepting constructive criticism is a good thing. Stepping back and biting one’s tongue is a good idea much of the time. Knowing when to set things straight is also a very good thing. This is all part of true respect for one another. (True friends love and accept your foibles and stand with you despite your downfalls.) wise @-- words Sunday 25 August 2019
If this week taught us anything... it is that Life is short... </3 :( </3
Friends — Please take care these next few days as this is looking like the hottest month ever recorded (worldwide) so please — do your best to keep cool! <3 @-- <3
Smiles it healthy

All you veteran and active duty service member riders come join my page as we work to help veterans through the Victory For Veterans Foundation.

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"Warriors for Life!"

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As with TRUE FRIENDS.....
Amazing, Loving, Strong, Happy, Selfless & Loving are all fine qualities - To the women and men here here who were blessed to have a mom who taught them how to exude & imitate these traits that she contains... Count your Blessings... and keep her forever on the pedestal upon which she belongs. Happy Mother’s Day 2019 ;=}
.. Love is a “comfortable silence” between friends, and a wink and a smile. :)
<3 @-- <3
Wise (*) Words
Lifelong friendships ~~ a great place to be... ;=}
<3 @-- <3
True <3 Friendship
Indeed ;=}
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