ladies that still like the backseat and the men that love us there

seems like we are expected to want to ride our own these days... very cool, go girl power, but I like the back... does that make me old fashioned? share your thoughts ladies and gents, and I'll share mine :)

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ladies that still like the backseat and the men that love us there Join Fan Page

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I ride my own, but still love the backseat
Open back seat and open minded in So. Calif.
Love riding my own bike , still love the back seat and holding my man ... if I had one .
Of all the situations I have overcome in my 50+ years, finding the right women for me and my back seat has been the worst and hardest to overcome.
# I will NOT give up.
"Behind every great biker rides a great lady" ...
So many guys on here with open backseats but no one wants to talk? I will probly die before I get to ride again :'(
Still looking for a backseat 8:^)
Damn straight,,, now where in the hell is he,,now that riding season is about over,,omg,, ;)
Would love to share my back seat.
Love riding there-hug someone I enjoy being with & take in the scenery.
Still love the backseat...And always will. The best way to ride. <3
Still riding solo.
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