ladies that still like the backseat and the men that love us there

seems like we are expected to want to ride our own these days... very cool, go girl power, but I like the back... does that make me old fashioned? share your thoughts ladies and gents, and I'll share mine :)

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ladies that still like the backseat and the men that love us there Join Fan Page

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Looking to fill backseat for this event
Looking for a backseat here in Jacksonville.
Good Morning Smiles to Ya 8:^)
Anyone on Cape Cod Mass. with an open back seat? Sex is Not included!
Riding home from the gym. I know it doesn't look like it, but there is a backseat.
A ride should not cost you anything (sex of any kind) and if dudes are that desperate to put that as an some kind of payment that is pretty sad. It is even more sad a woman would be willing put up with such disrespect. This is called (LOW Self esteem)
Looking for that fun person to get on the backseat hit me up let me know
Hello my name is Sherri anf I'm from Amboy Illinois. I do prefer to be a passenger. I have no interest in learning to ride a bike per se, I have other Hobbies that fill my time.

Just wanted to drop a line, thank you
Wonder if it will be a collectible :))
I guess 8m old fashion but I only ride butch always have always will
uses old school signals while on back,, just habit
Do you have a Soft Seat?
open backseat in Dothan Alabama
Great day to ride in VA, open back seat.
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