Men who are honest with women.

Trying to find men who I would set my sister up with and not have to go to jail over it.

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Awakened at 7 am with some surprising text. Texting is not brave. I really hate the 21st century's version of "Just text or email" instead of actually speaking to somone and being honest. Honesty is not ONLY telling somone the truth. Its telling them the correct way with the decency of at least a phone call. Well The only way to deal with someone making you sad (EVEN TOUGH GUYS HAVE FEELINGS) is to get on your bike and ride the rest of the day. Have a great day everyone.
HONEST...Picture taken today, 10-7-17, and I am 51 today!
yeah...still holds true
Plain and Simple but unfortunately many want to have the whole cake and eat it too. But real life doesn't work that way.
There are 2 types of men in the world, players and gentlemen. Players use people, take without giving and throw away everything including relationships just like trash, they do not recycle anything. Gentlemen give without asking anything in return and in return get respect, love and have no need to lie. The kindness they give to others come back to them 10 fold and they always recycle. To recycle or not recycle, that is the key.
;) B-)
I don't think all lies are meant to be deceitful at least in the Liars mind. Some are cowards and think they're sparing your feelings by telling you a lie when in all honesty it's very unfair it's better to tell the truth with tenderness.
Where? ..... just kiddingggggg ~gb~ ^p^
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