if you've bn down on a bike, and still ride

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When the doctors told me there’s no reason they know of that I am still alive is the reason I still ride mine .
Sept 17th 2018. Took out a deer and whole right side of bike. Didn't get any jerky out of it even. 6 broken ribs, punctured lung and broken scapulla in right shoulder. Discovered riding gear and helmet well worth the money spent. Was lucky for 22 yrs before and looking for a longer streak next time. Can't and won't give up riding!!!!
Lost my sporty....still had FXDC. Took three weeks to get back on, 14 broke ribs hurt!
Been setting off metal detectors since '75
Down on 2/24/2019. I've been riding since the 90s. I survived, the bike did not. A week out of the hospital - still in a cervical collar, I bought a new bike. Getting her ready while I'm still healing. Ride safe. MLHR
Went down in early October. Was the victim of a hit and run. Fucker didn't even stop. They never caught the guy/gal. I didn't get a license plate number and neither did the only witness. I don't know how someone can look at themselves in the mirror everyday and not know if they killed somebody or not. I just don't get people these days. No fucking honor, integrity or morals. He/she will get theirs one day and I hope I'm there when it happens.
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