if you've bn down on a bike, and still ride

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Lost my sporty....still had FXDC. Took three weeks to get back on, 14 broke ribs hurt!
Been setting off metal detectors since '75
Down on 2/24/2019. I've been riding since the 90s. I survived, the bike did not. A week out of the hospital - still in a cervical collar, I bought a new bike. Getting her ready while I'm still healing. Ride safe. MLHR
Went down in early October. Was the victim of a hit and run. Fucker didn't even stop. They never caught the guy/gal. I didn't get a license plate number and neither did the only witness. I don't know how someone can look at themselves in the mirror everyday and not know if they killed somebody or not. I just don't get people these days. No fucking honor, integrity or morals. He/she will get theirs one day and I hope I'm there when it happens.
1979-victim of "Drunk Driver"-car-1967 Chev. Malibou s/w-my bike-'48 Panhead custom-my injuries,(2) broken legs,neck injuries,spine-injuries-(2) yrs.in wheel chair- I & my bike survived to ride again his sentence-30 days work release,(3)other DUIs' pending,no loss of his License
Been down twice myself. Last was a hit and run that clipped my left mirror forcing me into a huge gaping hole, no grate storm drain. Crushed my right ankle between the bike and cement curb. Almost 2 years later I lost my leg below the knee due to gross medical negligence. Bikers beware of Orlando. Nothing but the driving dead, lost tourists and newbie ER surgeons! Good luck out there.
Many can say they never been in a wreck on their bike..too many of them think it's cause they know how to ride and why no wreck.. many of them have same bike for 20 plus yrs...with half the miles I had in my last new bike had after 2yrs not counting the miles on my other bikes...no matter how good alert careful rider you maybe.. don't matter how many yrs..or miles....you might actually become one of very very few...See More that never goes down..no one that rides can control other people on the road..just know this those that ride..blink your eyes ..what you can't control happened within that blink... someone just blindsided you.. pulled out in front of you....I have been down..I was 16yrs old when the guy at the stop sign just plain pulled out in front of me...oh yes I have been in others...fact of life riding a bike...a blink of an eye...hhhmm if I can only stop blinking my eyes...lol..
In over 40 years I have been down few times with lots of scars to prove it lol. My last one was April 12 I went down on interstate 10 at 70 mph. I got up and luck no broken bones ,no surgery and no stitches just lots of road rash. 4 days later I limped into the dealership looking for a new nike
I just noticed this and all of you likely see the same thing. This fan page has the most members on my list of pages.

I will never quit riding!

Monitored page, stop by!!
Back in the early years ( 70's ) I T-boned a yamaha at 3 AM on some back road. He ran a stop sign and I ran into the side of his bike. Totaled my bike. After that I totaled 3 trucks and 1 car. ( none my fault ) My last wreck was here in Tampa. Young kid did an illegal U turn. I T boned him. Cracked the arch in my left foot, Separated right shoulder, broke 3 ribs and got a concussion on the right side of my head....See More THAT saved my life. While the doctors were looking at the cocussion, they accidently found an aneurysm in my carotid artery. Had I been wearing a helmet, I would not of needed the CT scan and I'd be dead now. Everything happens for a reason.
Has George Clooney posted yet?

As a human being I am reasonably tolerant but when I saw this I knew I had to share. This doesn't just affect us as adults but affects the youth of our countries all around the world.

This is BS and needs to stop.

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