Loud Pipes Save Lives!

People who have, like, or want loud pipes on their ride! We like to hear you coming.....and leaving.... Ride safe...

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Since im apart of this fan page, I figured Id give everyone on it a heads up....just to let everyone know, if anyone receives any obsence messages or anything posted on their page from me, I can assure you, it wasn't me, I have recently pissed of a few people, and I believe they've made a fake account using my photos, just received a message from another user saying I posted on his page, and I didn't...….I have since removed all my pictures of myself, and changed the profile pic....
credits to" LIFE" for the picture
the famous frappappapp sound these pipes make.... has and will continue to save lives of those who ride.
temps perfect great day to ride tomorrow 5/22 Richmond va area.My backseat is empty.

Best sound around!
Never too loud!
My loud Hines and Vance pipes didn't help me one bit when someone driving a van came into my lane on I-5! I had to throttle up fast in order to veer around his/her front bumper...the one that was pushing me into the adjacent lane! Freakin' scary! Had there been a vehicle in the other lane...who knows?? (I would have given the driver the finger...but that's not my style.) ~sigh~ Anyhow, I live to ride another day. Yay!

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