Tired of Goin to Bed Alone

Do you sleep with an extra pillow just so you have something to hold onto or cuddle. Anyone else do this?

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some things never change , And it looks like this will never change for me.
May no be the best looking fish in the sea but I know how to treat a lady with respect and put a smile on the face daily sure miss being with someone
Sure miss snuggles at night been to long
I guess we all miss having somebody in our beds what I truly miss more than anything is someone to have coffee with it in the morning especially on rainy snowy days. I'm 63 years old you'll find me at the Jersey Shore exit 89 on the parkway
So I made this Chocolate motorcycle for Valentines Day and was looking for a lady to give it to. Then decided to test it and see if it was worthy as a gift, but when I cranked it up, the motor overheated and the whole thing melted.
been doing it for quite a while now ....dont think id be able sleep snuggled up anymore ,,,but would love find out
Yes tired of going to bed alone, but I won't settle for just a piece of ass. I am totally seeking my ride or die woman. Not window shoppers.
I started working nights so I don't go to bed alone at night... day time I'm too tried to care...be 59 yrs young in Feb...
Queen size bed and a pint sized Figet, missing the 2 legged snuggle buddy
Have my Loyal Fur Kid. And still empty side of the bed
It’s always bad just after the holidays for me....empty winter nights seem to be the longest.....beginning to think it’s just not in the cards for me .....

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