Tired of Goin to Bed Alone

Do you sleep with an extra pillow just so you have something to hold onto or cuddle. Anyone else do this?

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Sure wish I didn’t have to do this .
They go to bed alone because they want to!
The women that always down plays sex just is not very good at it,so it is easier to blame the guys so be it
Awake already and nobody to cuddle with LOL. It’s just a way of life anymore. Nobody really wants a relationship they’re just looking for sex. So sad what the world has become. I’ve seen too many people sneaking around on the Internet cheating it’s disgusting. I can’t remember how are used to meet Mann on our younger probably just out and about. Have a good day off!
Still, no application for cuddle buddy......
When you sleep diagonal across a queen size bed,, :'( Lol,,,
Still hate this 3 am loneliness.
Seems like it has become a way of life for me

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