Tired of Goin to Bed Alone

Do you sleep with an extra pillow just so you have something to hold onto or cuddle. Anyone else do this?

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Sure wish I didn’t have to do this .
They go to bed alone because they want to!
The women that always down plays sex just is not very good at it,so it is easier to blame the guys so be it
Awake already and nobody to cuddle with LOL. It’s just a way of life anymore. Nobody really wants a relationship they’re just looking for sex. So sad what the world has become. I’ve seen too many people sneaking around on the Internet cheating it’s disgusting. I can’t remember how are used to meet Mann on our younger probably just out and about. Have a good day off!
Still, no application for cuddle buddy......
When you sleep diagonal across a queen size bed,, :'( Lol,,,
Still hate this 3 am loneliness.
Seems like it has become a way of life for me
Oh yes going to bed alone then waking up alone.. both can get very lonely feeling.. I'll be doing it simply because I don't need to settle or will settle takes two not only one that deserves.. not only one compromise.. both should by will.. not only one always must be proving both should willfully.. compare to others of your past should not be done for they are not them.. so knowing reasons why you go to bed alone...See More then wake up alone makes it not do bad.. no one is perfect.. include yourself too. One thing I do know is people have faults some I will not tolerate same as you .. I know no woman can possibly fit that perfect woman that yes can be thought of.. so it's yes no woman can actually fit the bill ok. But in teal life real women can.. being real ok getting what you ask for then trying to mold into your 3xact dream of perfect could be why bed alone.. been single for quite some time hey changing from single single to being half of a two ya gotta change some of your ways ok but they also need to let that happen too in a good way.. not a forceful type way.. one thing they picked you.. takes two I am me take it as fact I am me . Perhaps going to bed alone will stop.. yep it's tiring going to bed alone.. give n take needs to happen takes two.. I'm better off going to bed alone it's about two not one.. two knowing no person is perfect include yourself most of all.
Cuddle Buddy Needed ASAP!! Many Positions Available! A/C on so don't worry about the heat!
Where are you
There’s gotta be something better then this,
Another night alone

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