Tired of Goin to Bed Alone

Do you sleep with an extra pillow just so you have something to hold onto or cuddle. Anyone else do this?

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For. Real....ahehhee
Yes I am
Whatever your response, explain why

They keep telling me he will find me! Well what the hell do I have to do to let him know I am here for petes sake!
Im still single and still going to bed alone!
Sick of singing...***one. Is. A. Lonely. Number. ****
Ready to end this sleeping alone shit. It's gotten real old. Wiling to relocate for the right pillow talk.
Yes... I am tired too!!!! (:
Boyfriend pillow....well it's something lol
Go to bed alone, wake up alone, go to bed alone....wake up alone....it's a Danggggggggg. Vicious circle
careful what you wish for. you could be spending sleepless nights with a snoring octopus. lol
Im tried r u?
No matter how you fluff that pillow it just isn't right then being with someone.
In mass
Going to the boat and head out to middle of the lake and watch the eclipse alone also.

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