Women who take no crap and STAND up for THEMSELVES

If you are a woman that stands up for herself And takes no SHIT!!!!!! then this is the page for you......

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I am fearless but I am distrustful of women cuz low self esteem makes women backstab you out of jealousy.
"That which does not kill me should run..."
Yes we do
....;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hMSDnnAHKI
If i don't no one else is
Sleep Light
I've always stood up for myself, not afraid of anyone!!! Very bold, outspoken. Feisty Texas gal. I tend to surround myself with strong women sisters. I admire women that stand up for what they believe, warrior goddesses that protect selves, family, kids, their friends. Loyal! And also have a kind, caring heart! None of us need to take abuse from anyone, male or female! We know our powers, our worth, strengths. Strong ladies, be proud of yourselves...true survivors!!! Hugssssss!!!! :-)
Yes. ..
I always stand up, no fear...let those haters talk, trash me...those that never met me! I think we have all experienced this from those jealous of us, our strengths? Texas gal!!! Lots cyber bullying on BON. trashing some of my sweet, good friends. Sigh! This is wrong, childish. Taught daughter, grand daughter to be strong, independent! Elders of our tribes, pass down your wisdoms, strengths to younger generations!

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