WTF do Guys REALLY want??

You say honesty, we give it and you run! You like the chase/challenge? You want us to call or not? You want to be in charge or you like some input? You wait for sex & we're playing? We give you sex and we're easy? WTF do you want?

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well as for me, this may be cliche but someone who respect is very high on the list, speaks her mind because I haven't figured out how to read minds lol, has self respect, that's huge, too many flaunt it for all to see, in other words, sexy but classy, sense of humor because I can be a goof & you gotta be able to laugh, a bit of a bad girl behind closed doors & just be honest, if something is up or you want to move on say so, just don't screw around, better to just move on than cause more pain than is necessary
You are who you are!!.. CHANGE .. what a word CHANGE is.. I am me not some made up dream. I am not anyone but me.. I have flaws 3veryone does have flaws.. habits yes.. some women some men lie, cheat name it how . Uch they do or not depends on them. Many many people do not.. brutally tell Truth . While others don't say it as it is so it's not brutal.. when a man or woman has the interigity they are honest caring they...See More respect desire that respect back.. I'll change because I desire to.. in some cases eyes opened and yep better change.. your not gonna change me 8nto some man dreamed of that I will bet no man can even come close to. Yep women too .. to be given the same as given is desired.. I am trust worthy.. I take so is the one I tell iove.. just because 3very man or woman you ever had relationship with lied cheated didn't care sure don't mean I do I'm not out to change mild the woman I tell iove oh sure I'll coax her to change a bit and really she's does on her own and I will change because it desired not forced molded into something I've never been.. hear me at least try .. I'm doing that but hey flaws remember.. insecureness beyond reason is just plain wrong.. Damm I'm not gonna just Plain lie or cheat not my style and yep I am sure not gonna look my lady in the eye saying iove you then go cheat.. it's hey damnit I picked you believe it.. a man calls me a lier refuses to believe me trust me well I sure can knock his teeth out because you woman say you love me but can't trust me call Me lier yeah men don't hit women right.. well why should I keep doing my best .. bye bye even though it freaking hurts.. it's not about me not about you it's about us a couple you are you not them same with me don't compare . I take as you are or I wouldn't ask you be my lady so why you say you'll me mine me yours and then keep trying to mold me change me into who what I'm not. Oh stop the stupid imature little girl jealousy that proves you don't trust respect forgetting I choose you best friends a couple inlove should be.. past relationships are that zero to get jealous about.. or but hurt . Because your not the 1st doing something with him just how old are ya him too what how old zero life lived.. a woman can be there for him as he should be just sit so he knows your there for him as he does for you.. let him be sad he needs to just let him be a bit then hey it don't mean he don't want you.. he is going to need you held by you as he does you or just stays use when you need let me be I'm sad.. I will not change especially as it seems you better or else well there's the door.. that has never been me so why now I gotta be so different like poof change . Really.. my bikes my trucks damn I've had them for yrs now after we a true honest couple I gotta get rid of one or two because you want what.. what happened to save some cash oh don't go there when he's worn a patch before I you met . You did date him right or was it meet 1sr time lay eyes 9n each other you moved on in.. oh crap bike truck toys youi love riding on driving in needs cash yes over you having dinner out.. listen you always want me to listen well?? Forget I picked you and freely tell you very freaking often and yes do best to show it. 8 bet your self-centered ass can't tell he is..why anyone says yes to being a couple saying they love each other then poof they better change their ways..or trust not there believe in each other stops or barely I have people yep a few that don't like me pretty much cause they proved not to liked trusted n such.but I don't have friends that don't trust me or believe why should I keep trying to stay with a woman I chose and yep love.and says she my best friend? well I am worthy of more than I'll live alone I'll stay very simgle.i deserve better..many a good woman says he ruined it .me too damn many a woman die the ruin..not every is same thank goodness compare me to who..only one of me oh and why the fuck you sneak into my phone??
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