WTF do Guys REALLY want??

You say honesty, we give it and you run! You like the chase/challenge? You want us to call or not? You want to be in charge or you like some input? You wait for sex & we're playing? We give you sex and we're easy? WTF do you want?

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A sammich? lol
We all want for a wife a combination Sunday school teacher and a $500-a-night hooker.
Lenny Bruce
Well here goes. She rides and/or likes the backseat. She has class and know how to dress, leather,jeans,dress,swimsuit,lingerie. She loves the outdoors, campfires,camping,lovemaking. Best Western isn't camping. She is a natural and a naturalist. She likes to sleep in the nude. She shows a real pic not a pic 20 yrs ago and 100 lbs later. She says what she means and does what she says. She is honest, trustworthy. She...See More isn't looking for greener pasture on the other side of the fence. She KNOWS what she WANTS. She would be a plus if pierced and likes left handed smokes. Guess with WTF I want, I will be a loner till I die.
ok so do tell what is wrong with me? hmmmmmm
I’ll try to give you ladies a little insight into men, or me at least. First off you need to be honest. Don’t try to pass off a pic where of you 10 yrs younger & 100# lighter; do you think we will not notice? You want complete honesty when you're not honest? Been deceived many times. It starts with a friend request. I try to establish a friendship first. Start with casual conversation, watch if you’re needy or high maintenance. I'm being careful before committing myself with actions.
If I send a friend request it is just the start phase of getting to know someone. What you post or even if you post shows something about you. Do you pay attention when I comment on your posts? Do you comment on my post – it’s a good indicator you’re paying attention to me & maybe interested. Don't hide your profile if you're open to a relationship.
I don't just run around looking for someone....actually I don't look at all. I am very much very good at living my life solo. But when I do decide to take the time to get to know someone...AND I MEAN I TAKE MY TIME...and if you can't show me that you are being honest.....don't be shocked.
When you say you want a relationship....THEN ACTIONS WILL SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS! DO NOT play me with that....
Being moody and only attentive when you "want something" is clear to me that you don't really care at all. Being nasty in how you talk to me....shuts me down IN EVERY WAY.
I don't want to hear about your "exes" as they are YOUR PAST. At the same time....we ALL HAVE deal with it. There was life before you and there will be life after you if you choose to test me with insecurity and jealousy for no reason other than you are holding me up against your PAST DALLIANCES!!!! I AM NOT THEM....I am ME...and the more time you take to get to know ME...then you will find that I am kind, generous, sensitive to mine and your life, caring, affectionate and full of
Communication and not making me have to guess like I'm on a Gameshow. I know they say well if you really know your spouse or significant other that you shouldn't have to ask what's wrong yeah maybe if I was a mind reader but I'm not, I'm just as human and imperfect as you. Yes this is a re-post from before that I posted. But my point is that it takes two people to work together. Show each other that they really and truly care.
So Gentleman, If you say you are looking for a relationship. What does that mean to you?
I want a good woman that knows theres more to a relationship than money... using a guy for what they can get and knowing it takes two to make a great relationship.
oh...and a gas station every 100 miles or so. yep, thats all i want
a medium rare ribeye and a cold beer,,,wind in my face and boobs against my back!
Since i am a biker who is also a swinger i like a lady who rides and also swings.
I agree with Rainy, most men are that way. Some are pricks. From my past experiences of being married to a 1%ER most my life is.....
Present yourself as a lady, get treated as such. Present yourself as a slut, get treated as such. Present yourself as a self centered douchbag, get treated as such. Relationships are a two way street. Both has to give in order too receive. It's a PARTNERSHIP¡!
H...E..L...P! Please give us ladies some insight on how you're operating here on BON. What are you expecting..wanting from us? We have guys who send friend requests, then never does anything more, why be just a name on a list? If we initiate contact or attempt to start a conversation, we get nothing more than short answers or small talk. If we ask questions, we get no reply, the run around or a defensive answer, why? If a gal gives you her phone number why won't you call her rather than texting her?
it's quite simple what "most" guys want. even the ones who have yet to figure out "how" to get what deep down they are wanting. ya know..the ones who put their dick first. the ones who don't operate from their heart or the best tool in the box (their mind). deep down most men want exactly what us women want. to be treated exactly as us women do.
What does a guy really want?
a job, ssi disability isn't a job,a ''running''car,ur own place,not livin with a house full of relatives,not living two statez away,not a 50 year old pothead,you don't have to go to the feed store to get weighed.
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