WTF do Guys REALLY want??

You say honesty, we give it and you run! You like the chase/challenge? You want us to call or not? You want to be in charge or you like some input? You wait for sex & we're playing? We give you sex and we're easy? WTF do you want?

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SEEMS too me that everyone is different in so many ways that i truly believe that if you communicate with your partner on an even level then all you questions will be answered....but hey W.T.F. do i know im single
Praise him for his efforts and achievements.

Many girls don’t know how much it damages a guy if they criticize them. Do something sweet for your boyfriend by doing the precise opposite – Praise him for his efforts and achievements rather. Even the seemingly small acts like taking your bag, opening the door for you, travelling all-the way to see you, etc. It feels amazing to be valued for your effort and men feel it too. His heart will melt down particularly if everyone else around him takes him for granted – his boss, friends, family.
Support his judgements as much as possible.
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While it really is unrealistic to support all his judgements, do what you can to support most of them. Only thing to his thoughts if you just cannot keep silent about it (deal breakers). Supporting his conclusions is just a sweet thing to do for your boyfriend because it shows him that you trust him. Guys secretly feel the need to be trusted by the woman they love. Giving him what he needs to feel-good about himself is a sweet thing to do for your boyfriend because your trust matters a whole lot to him… and you will be the only one who can give it to him.
a woman who is already complete. does not need a man to complete herself but someone to engage in life with, challenge the world and face all obstacles as a team. Sex is important to just about everyone I think, communication and open honesty are the key to great sex... both parties willing. That's where work comes in... there are things we don't like about everyone... if you run across the perfect man... call him Jesus and let everyone worship him. the rest of us have faults. so do you. it works both ways
The meme IS funny lol
...but a good girl will always do as asked ....AND keep herself the way he desires!
Yeah we double talk a lot!
be fucking honest and open without fear it ain't hard. be loyal and say what you mean and mean what you say. the grass isn't greener you're just impatient. don't throw I love you' s around like jolly ranchers...that's someone's heart you are being trusted with. Respect that!
Obviously, if your asking WTF do guys want, trying something NEW might be the ticket.
ASK HIM WTF he wants!
If the right one comes along....
John Wayne, in the movie McClintock told his daughter that he wasnt going to give her much in his will. The reason was so that her and herfuture husband could build together, and GROW together....Meld with your partners, this goes for men AND women.
And remember, ASK HIM WHAT HE WANTS.
Dont be afraid to say hello to a guy, but remember, most of us dont know how to talk to a woman. Fix your profiles! Show him your will know soon enough if hes for you or not. Stop trying to be popular with ANY guy you think you want....that shit was worn out in high school. It surely isnt going to fly at my age. BE YOURSELF! a man marries a woman because of who she is RIGHT NOW! ! !Woman marry hoping to change him or making him evovle. Just wont work ladies.
Sex2 A man can be with a woman who gives MINDBLOWING sex, but if there isnt much of anything else, we will loose interest. So there goes all the theories about men only want sex for a woman....if we are interested in sex with you, we are interested about something else other than sex with you. If you like the guy, nuture(dont push) the thing(s) other than sex he is interested in about you...
Sex....Women love sex almost as much as men do....HOWEVER, there are two totally different reasons why we do so.....Most women give sex in order to get love...most men give love in order to get sex.
AGAIN, ASK a man what he wants, but be prepared for the truth, and dont ever beat him up with the truth you got, or dont ever expect to ever have the truth again.
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