WTF do Guys REALLY want??

You say honesty, we give it and you run! You like the chase/challenge? You want us to call or not? You want to be in charge or you like some input? You wait for sex & we're playing? We give you sex and we're easy? WTF do you want?

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I'm so sick of hearing men say I'm not a sugar daddy.We don't want ur money we have our own..
I think if they really knew.... they wouldnt be single ;)
men want a lady who is not shallow, is loyal, who has your back, who wants a partner, not a sugar daddy or butler, a lady who helps you up when you're down or maybe lets you be if that's what you want until you're ready to talk/share, a best friend to cry & laugh with, put you in your place if needed, so pretty much the same things a good woman wants, remember no relationship is perfect, there will be arguments, differences, but its how you deal with those issues when they happen

It depends on the man....and I like this type! B-)
Of course he also rode Bikes,raced cars...all the things I liked!
Is there a man in Lancaster area who means what he says, and shows it?? Tired of the bull shitters.....

Russian women say Russian men want a wife,but American men want a mama.

When I first heard that,I realized they were right!!
Here is something I forgot to say. WTF. I want. A woman who is a Converationalist.
guys want there ego stroked that it girls were not that hard to figure out
we want to be wanted respected and not just a sugar daddy :)
A ride ( got it) friendship (need it) adventure (looking for it) a women who would to ride along (wish for it)
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