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for guys and gals who don't believe in women's underwear.. lol

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in Pa no underwear needed
Going commando for women (From Dr. or GYN):
Here are a few good reasons that going commando can be good for female genitalia:
It reduces the risk of developing yeast infections
Candida, the bacteria responsible for yeast infections, thrives in warm, moist environments. See More
Wearing tight underwear or undies that aren’t made of a breathable material, such as cotton, can retain moisture in your genital area and make it easier for yeast bacteria to grow.
By not wearing underwear, you can keep your genitals ventilated and reduce the chances that yeast bacteria develop.
It can help reduce vaginal odor and discomfort
When moisture from sweat and heat are trapped in the genital area by underwear, it can start smelling more strongly down there.
Skipping underwear can allow your sweat to evaporate, keep the odors to a minimum, and reduce chafing made worse by moisture.
It protects your vulva from injury
The labia outside your vagina are made of delicate tissue similar to that of your lips.

Tight underwear made of artificial fabrics can chafe and irritate the labia and the skin around it. This can damage skin and expose you to injury, bleeding, or even infections. Plus, it just hurts.

Losing the underwear, especially if you’re wearing loose-fitting clothes, can reduce or completely remove the possibility of chafing or damage.

It protects you from allergic reactions or sensitivities
Many clothes contain artificial dyes, fabrics, and chemicals that can cause allergic reactions known as contact dermatitis.

This may take the form of bumps, rashes, blisters, or irritation. More serious reactions can cause tissue damage and infections.

Without underwear, you’ve got one less piece of clothing to worry about causing a reaction.
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