Men that DON'T CHEAT!

This page is dedicated to Real Men that do not CHEAT on their Women! and yes there are some of us still out there, we know that monogamy is not a rare form of wood, ladies should be treated like ladies...

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Single lady here looking to meet a good and honest man who won't cheat or lie to me and im looking for something genuine and serious and my number is 6465835844 text me and don't have time for games and waste of time thanks
I would like some feed back on this please,
You are dating someone, you take your relationship to the next level of being intimate (having sex). You see posts on social media where she/he was tagged that he is out to dinner at a nice place with another man/woman that he/she posted and tagged him in it! Hes not answering his phone. So you ask him about it when he finally answers his phone later that night. He denies it until you show him the post. He gets pissed. Hangs up phone. What do you call that? How would that make you feel?
Any honest good men in CT ?? All the good ones seem to be home grown way out of reach
There use to be a meme on the internet...It,unlike others,was a fact /True.
It was a copy of a FB post where a man said " Anyone who touches/harms a woman is a coward"........Within the week he had killed his wife and children. :^ ........There were news articles to back it up :^ .......Do I believe a mans words....NO....I use my own strong instincts ....To any women I would say...Keep your BS detector strong :^
Can't do it. It destroys a trust that can never be repaired. What the hell for anyway??

...... :^
If u ride whats the point of cheating. Karma will Fuck u
at (the Joint), its next door
100% single,respectfull and honest here in the PNW...
Single in Elmhurst, Illinois
Me popular...I'm a southerner...Oh hell no :))
Teach grown men also by how you react to them :^

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