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The Cervical Orgasm Part 2

It’s getting really cold. One more thing and we are ready for the main game and your orgasm. See More
Move your middle finger inside your wet and warm pussy and try to find your G-spot, if you don’t know where it is, it’s located 2–3 inches (5.1–7.6 cm) up the front vaginal wall. It will feel a lot rougher than the area around it. Make little “Come here” movements with your finger. Don’t take too much time on it as we just want to make it a little bit more sensitive. If you couldn’t find it, that’s not a problem. The main one is coming now and you will find it for sure.
It’s time to pick up your dildo now. Get it wet with some of your pussy juice, if you successfully did all the things before, this shouldn’t be a problem. If it is, then use some of a recognised sexual lubricant.
Gently push the dildo inside your pussy and push it deep. As deep as possible. Now it’s important that you feel it touch your cervix. Move your dildo in circle movements around your cervix while keeping it pressed against it. If you find that you don’t like this so much do it very gently, for those who find it more enjoyable, keep the pressure up. The circular movement is really easy to do, just move your hands in circles.
Do this for at least 5 minutes, push your dildo gently in deeper from time to time. If you enjoy your cervix getting touched like this you can also touch it from time to time with a harder thrust. (Obviously, if at first you do not enjoy your cervix being touched, the idea is that you persevere until you do enjoy it!)
Now the time has come for your orgasm!!! Imagine a scene in your head, probably a guy fucking you really deep. It doesn’t really matter what you imagine, only that it gets you off. (Even with all the best physical stimulation, it is usually the thought of something that takes you over the top into orgasm.) When you cum, push your dildo as deep as possible one last time and spread your legs as far as possible. Let it all out!! If you can’t cum after another 5 minutes you can help yourself with your other hand on your clit. Now go and get your orgasm!!!!!!!
That’s it, you should feel an orgasm that is way stronger than normal, deep inside of you. If you haven’t had enough yet, try to get another orgasm by carefully actually penetrating your cervix. It’s different to a clitoral orgasm, you can go on and get another one.
(While I do not believe that anyone carefully and sensibly following the above instructions would come to any harm, I do remind you that anything you do as a result of seeing it on one of my blogs, you do entirely at your own risk. Always do good research, and get professional advice.)
The Cervical Orgasm Part 1

(Full credit goes to Pussymodsgalore on Tumblr.)

The Cervical Orgasm is probably the strongest orgasm you can get if you do it correctly. It’s also sometimes called a Deep Orgasm and it’s really powerful. It’s not only something to do on your own, you can enjoy this one with your partner too, if you and your partner both know what to do. One girl told me once she was still dripping wet the day after we fucked from that deep cervical feeling. But your partner needs a long penis (or a long dildo!). It’s also possible to continue after your orgasm, and go for multiple ones. I will write these instructions for girls who enjoy cervix penetration, if you are not yet into it, but are interested in trying it, then do it very carefully and gently, and probably you will grow to enjoy having your cervix touched, even penetrated.
- Feeling comfortable (very important).
- Time (it’s about building it up, so take your time and don’t cum until you are allowed to).
- A long dildo for reaching your cervix (a dildo is best and safest but a suitable long hair brush handle used carefully will do it).
Get naked and get comfortable on your bed. Have your dildo within reach, but we don’t need it yet.
Start with your finger and move it really slowly up and down between your pussy lips, as slow as possible. Try to concentrate on all your nerves and the feeling of your finger moving over your skin up and down. Continue this for a good 5 minutes!
Now get both hands and put them on your inner thighs, left and right, next to your pussy, but don’t put them on it. Move your hands slowly down your inner legs, down to the back of your knees, then back up your inner legs and up to your ass, around your pussy and to your hips.
From there move on to the side of your body until you come up to your breasts. Grab them softly.
Now massage your tits, do it gently and squeeze them from time to time. Can you feel the heat that is building up in your body? Continue for at least 2 minutes!
Move on to your nipples, squeeze them, pull them, simply play with them. Can you feel how hard they get? When was the last time you did explore your body in such a sensitive way?
Now move your hands more up, over your sensitive tits up to your neck, behind your ears and brush with your hands your hair behind your ears. Go all the way back, behind your ears, over your tits, to the side of your hips, between your legs (don’t touch your pussy), around your aching pussy, your inner legs down to the back of your knees. Can you feel how aroused you are? Can you feel the blood starting to flow through your pussy, making you ready for more?
Put your hands again on your inner legs, next to your pussy. Spread your skin slowly so your pussy gets a little bit opened up. Then let it close by itself. Repeat this 10 times. Isn’t the female body a wonderful thing to explore?
It’s time to get closer. Take your fingers and play slowly with your outer pussy lips. Push them from the left to the right and back to the left. Did you ever do this so carefully before?
Now comes what you have been waiting for. Your clitoris. Take one finger and move from the left to the right over it extremely slowly. Then up and down and after that push gently on top of it, so it kind of disappears. Now I want you to take two fingers and grab your clit gently. Try to masturbate it really really slowly, but don’t cum!!! We are about to start the main game, and it’s really important that you are totally aroused and relaxed.
Gently insert two fingers inside your pussy. Concentrate on the feelings of your inner walls and just move your fingers in and out. Try to get them as wet as possible and now cover your pussy with your own pussy juice. Again use your hands to stroke your inner thighs and to spread your pussy. Can you feel how different it is to the first time? Blow some air at it and feel how your pussy juice evaporates on your open pussy.
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hi. ..just trying to get my profile out there ...i lost my original in May and cant seem to get it back
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Charkes Town WV area....backseat ready...looking for a fun time
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