Bikers Against Animal Cruelty (B.A.A.C.)

We raise money to defray the vet bills of cruelty cases and educate on responsible pet ownership. We help with networking out needs, transporting animals, supplying food, supplies, houses, kennels, etc. to rescues, shelters or people in need.

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Animal abuse
How can I partner up with BAAC? (I sell the cat ears)

Photo: @michellelachica_
Satellite imagery from NASA of the rivers flowing into the ocean. Waste from Animal Farms.
The world's largest pork, chicken & turkey producers, here in the United States, is ruining our environment and waterways. Are you seeing on your new station, the fact that the contaminated ash and animal waste ponds, are still covered in water from Hurricane Florence? No one can get to the MILLIONS of dead carcasses, to clean up the mess. The water that is flowing into the ocean from North Carolina is filled with contaminants, blood in feces...
If you eat pork and bacon, more than likely, most of it is coming from Smithfield Farms... in doing so, you justify animal abuse and animals being caged, to the point of driving the animals insane.

And all those pigs drowned during Hurricane Florence. All the feces and blood and waste got washed into America's waterways and now it's flooding into the ocean. And one quarter of everything they produce is being shipped to China because they all want to be like Americans and eat pork too now
Animal abuse doesn't stop at cats and dogs
#NotYourHusband #SherrieMacAllister #SherrieHitt Stand your Ground #STFU #MiserableCunt
#SherrieHitt #SherrieMacAllister Stand your Ground #STFU #MiserableCunt #NotYourHusband #NoKids #NoParents #NoHusband #

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