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LOVE the Skin You're In, Ladies! NO nudity and ALL pics must include your face or it WILL be removed. SELF-RESPECT,Ladies. It's an INSIDE job! ~Spydie

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I am mere DAYS away from my annual "Spydie Run" and it's gearing up to possibly be the best one we've ever had.
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with my new adventure owning a music venue/bar, I have been blessed with many groups and others choosing our location for big events... well I have 3 big events in a row which has had me quite scattered, to say the least...This past weekend was event #1. It was BEYOND AWESOME.. 150+ Boozefighters rode in to have drinks and lunch and it was such a great day! Then comes Easter... we got to sleep in then went back to work to clean up from the day before. I was reflecting on what a blessed weekend we had experienced.

We had dinner planned with my kids yesterday evening so I went to the store for a few food items and then rushed back to my son's home. It was a fabulous evening spent with those I love. Just as I am about to head home, my phone rings. It's my neighbor. They informed me that someone had just drove to my home to drop off my wallet. That's when my gut sunk. I realized I had left my wallet in the shopping cart after unloading items to my car. I had over $500 in my wallet - money I had been saving from bartending. I had tucked some in a separate compartment to surprise my sweetheart. His feet are killing him and he's been wanting new riding boots. The rest was going to be used at my charity event this weekend. We have had some incredible items donated to the silent auction and I was planning to bid on them. It was ALL gone. My HARD-EARNED MONEY was now in the hands of someone who didn't do a fucking thing to earn it.

Now, thanks to the dishonesty of others combined with my own carelessness, the designated charity (a Veterans Organization) will be short $500 in donations. I have cried to the point of dehydration.

I do not think this world is rotten but there sure are a lot people who fit that description. I am going to keep my chin up and hope that folks show up and show off for this worthy group of Vets who need the funds.

If you want to know anything about this amazing non-profit, please visit their website... and if you feel so inclined, please donate. They deserve it!

Lesson learned.
Easter in Amelia Island
Lo <3 e our Mother (Earth Day 2019)
Happy being me!!!!
Happy Easter 2019
Happy Easter Weekend
life , worth living.... thick or thin !!!!!
I'll never look like twiggy but that's ok I'm happy being me I love the skin I'm in too much is played out there about all should have flat tummy's and look like death came by sorry most men want little bit of meat with there potato's lol love your self and be happy
I am DONE being NICE!
ANY woman willing to post pics of her ass, crotch and/or tits has NO respect for herself. Keep your SLUTTY SHIT OFF MY PAGE - PERIOD!
I have not worked MY ass off for nearly 10 years to create a "safe place" for women to turn around have others come in and trample our values.
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Respect BEGINS with SELF. That's what Girlz with Curves is about. If you think you have to post suggestive photos of your body to feel good, PLEASE dig deep and realize YOU. ARE. WORTH. MORE!

And as our page CLEARLY states under our profile pic: "ALL PICS MUST INCLUDE YOUR FACE." NO EXCEPTIONS!

Rant Over. Carry on.
You ladies are killing me!
Anyone here from louisiana
finally in Northern Ontario I got to bring him home today amungst 3 feet snow banks still.

After my stroke in October I was so scared I could never ride again
7 Months of work on my and gaining strength back I DID IT

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