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LOVE the Skin You're In, Ladies! NO nudity and ALL pics must include your face or it WILL be removed. SELF-RESPECT,Ladies. It's an INSIDE job! ~Spydie

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I've thought about doing just that. I'm recently retired, and have time....BUT if I were to do it, I doubt people would care much for me. 1.the first time the 2 idiots that cause the majority of the problems on here show up, they;'re out for good. I don't know if BON gives you that kind of power. If not, I'm not interested. 2. I'd warn these pic collectors from posting women's pics without their permission once and then boot them also. You guys tell it doable?
Unfortunate that this page will be shutting down. It is sad that grown people have to ruin these pages for others. One of the few pages tgat do not have naked asses, uncovered boobs and beaver shots. A woman does not have to be naked to be sexy..Going to miss seeing all the pretty ladies on here
Messing with filters...I need a life :D
Sometimes I like to be simple and show a softer side of me
I am seriously going to miss this page when it closes. It's actually got me thinking of closing my own personal page. BON is definitely not what it used to be :-X
what a sad way to kill this awe inspiring page, by a few shit bags that aren't happy in their own skin ..
sorry Spydie, for the heart break..
I must, with great regret, inform you that I will be deleting this page and leaving BON altogether at the end of this month.
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The incessant drama that many continue to bring to this page has taken its toll. I receive emails and messages from people complaining to me and even demanding I remove others from this page when I can not find ANY evidence of anything inappropriate on THIS page. Many times, posts/comments have been removed before I can see them. What I DO see, I remove and quietly offer correction/warning, unless the offense is egregious enough to ban and report them - which I have done on several occasions with no second thoughts!

Let me be CLEAR... what goes on outside of this page is out of my realm of control or knowledge. I do not spend waking hours on here perusing other pages... I just don't have the time. And I damned sure won't delete someone for something they said somewhere other than here. WTF? Why would anyone even expect me to do that?

I have consistently informed everyone to come to ME directly with any concerns or issues - yet not everyone does so. I even receive messages from another member of this page who's been asked to relay a message to me. SERIOUSLY? It's not that damned hard to find me on here OR on FB... many others have!

I just can't do this anymore. The lack of respect for the integrity of Girlz with Curves is disheartening and something has to give. I have clung to this page for too long because THIS is where Girlz with Curves began, but it's clear that junior high antics are more important than just being a fucking ADULT. I loved this site when nine years ago but so much has been lost and it's just not fun any longer.

If you are being threatened or feel as though you are in danger, inform BON. While that may not get you anywhere, I also encourage you to inform your local police as online threats ARE taken seriously. I would also encourage you to ponder the importance of subjecting yourself to such abuse over and over by remaining on a site that clearly does not police its members well. Find somewhere else where you will feel safe. After all, it's the internet and should not, in any way, be a substitution for REAL LIFE RELATIONSHIPS.

To all the ladies who have been positively affected by the Girlz with Curves message, THANK YOU for your inspiration and stories. It will forever have a cherished place in my heart. If you'd like to continue the journey with me, I invite you to follow our Girlz with Page on out other social media page (FB). There's less anonymity which allows for a more candid and positive online experience.... and it's also easier to handle and report and enforce issues.

I will post this message each week till month's end. June 30th will be our last day on this site.

Much love to you all,
Love my God dam curves....
I love my curves ;)

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