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What happened to the Dump Trump profile? Maybe, just maybe, it was a #Poser like HillaryWins? #Notmypresident #ohyesthefuckheis
I WONDER what happened with this #Posers profile? Hmmmm , Oh that's right, Hillary LOST B-)
grow up Bella,no one gives a flying fuck what you have to say.
Goodnight Bella4u, you're not only cheap, you're easy. Boink Boink
#AlsoTrending :D #Trumpisyourpresident #Poser #Cantrideabike
Go ahead flap yr shit #KitchenKrakken
there is a greater change of proving that a megalodon still lives than pebbles proving any of her wild accusations to be true!
In case anyone is wondering just what is trnding right now.. #AreYouaDumbass?
IMHO....Everybody should read this!! How to deal with Drama Queens!
Short simple and right to the point! IMHO it covers everything!
Cunto-saurus Rex has been busy today. Stay Informed is just so interested in anything I have to say that she feels the need to H/T everything. I guess I must be the cool kid at school and she wants to hang around me.
somethings ya just cant quite explain to ignorant people,remember Trump is pro America even if some liberals cant see the bigger picture
For Stay Informed....

LOL...two year old mentality!

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