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Brothers and Sisters. I dont normally comment on drama and the bs that seems to dwindle on this site, but this is just wrong! And needs to end. Right here is a reason to puke in your own mouth. I decide to rejoin BoN, Jump in some pages to find old friends and chicks i used to know, and I see this Lady being harassed and literally torn apart by this loser Jack. So I ask around to a few people who have been watching...See More this unfold and then I messaged this Lady , and she, extremely devastated, and brutally disrespect in the most evil way. This "man" is calling her little girl who is only 9 years old. Asking the girl very sexual questions. ( she recorded them all ) Now, if you look on Shivers page, you will see, as i did, several WOMEN posting hateful comment about her, WOMEN, mothers, sisters, daughters, because this woman is defending herself , and more importantly her daughter. Now, I would think being woman, you all would stick together. But this pussy-man Jack, seems to have collected the SHIT of BoN members on the bottom of his boot! I believe this lady is deserving of some support to end this. Her daughter more than deserves us to pull together to end this. Mike aka The Guardian
Holy Crap on a cracker, Bella4u is back???!!! I don't come on BON very often, but I come on here and she's back, posting like a true manic. She is posting under a few profiles, and she is searching out peoples profiles that are not set to private and adding her hashtags with all of the nasty things she's spewing. The majority of the links I followed/saw are people who have not logged into BON for a long time, so they do not even realize what she is doing. Can anyone shut her down? She is actually a truly dangerous manic person. I meant it, this chick needs more meds than we have.
The everyday people of this site posts pics that can get them put in time outs for possibly offending 1 out of 1000 people...then there are those who probably reported the pic, hate very vocally on fan pages & have brought their hate, drama & threats to countless fan pages so publicly & dramatically they have been removed from too many fan pages to count...BON ADMIN STOP WORRYING ABOUT THOSE WHO MAY POST...See More A PIC THAT BY YOUR STANDARDS MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE & PAY ATTENTION TO THE HATERS & DRAMA STARTERS / SEEKERS WHO ARE RUINING THIS SITE & HAVE CAUSED MANY LOYAL MEMBERS TO LEAVE THE SITE!!!
just for kicks and giggles....
Happy New Year !!
Are you bored yet? The best scene is when the fella gets covered up all the way into the witewater on a nice smooth left!
happy merry christmas eve
Dave Mentally 3rd grader?...Lol Yeah Who stole Fbook pictures of minors .and Photoshop them to make nasty comment about,or Took Glinda Son pictures and posted?...That's low and immature for your sick Game ..Apparently who didn't learn? Glinda didn't as LVD didnt neither...
well it appears as if someone let that rabbit squat!

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