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Ryan Hurst ( Opie) has made his way to The Walking Dead,,, pretty bad ass role !!!
Kinda worried after that 1st Mayan episode that its going to be too similar to SOA, still going to watch & see. Anyone else think the dog is the homeless bag lady in this one?

Tonight is the night!
SoA made its debut on this date in 2008. 10 years! Tomo Mayans will hit the screen. Will you be watching?
Just released...

Behind the scenes photos of the upcoming spin-off show Mayans MC.
Just released...

Behind the scenes photos of the upcoming Sons of Anarchy spin-off show... Mayans MC

View photos here >
Do you see they are starting a spinoff, the Mayans on Sept 4th
Hope the Spinoff is good! it will be cool if sons actors visit randomly!
MYANS START Sept 4. I cant imagine anything as good as SOA, but I'll give it a shot.
I see the drama queen is at it again

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