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This is a page dedicated to the Sons of Anarchy tv show that is on every Tuesday at 10pm of FX. If you are a fan please join our page. Visit the blog at

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I love his tattoo's and the places there inked on his very sexy body....I miss the sons! I was watching the whole series on Netflix...Over and over* I don't see the new series as a spin off at all...I just wish this would continue, it is my kind of entertainment with the whole bunch* SOA is a lot more personal to me that is why i liked it a lot more!
Call it. I did. It's a real number. Listen to the message SOA fans.
Kinda worried after that 1st Mayan episode that its going to be too similar to SOA, still going to watch & see. Anyone else think the dog is the homeless bag lady in this one?
LOVE the HD commercial on #MayansFX last night
#SOA #MayansFX
1st episode was good. Great music.

Tonight is the night!
SoA made its debut on this date in 2008. 10 years! Tomo Mayans will hit the screen. Will you be watching?
Just released...

Behind the scenes photos of the upcoming spin-off show Mayans MC.

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