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Male, 68 years old, and married.  Birthday is February 28, 1955.  Owns and rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females and males.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is CHURCH OF THE POISON MIND....SHE MADE ME CONVERT.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Monmouth County, New Jersey  United States.  Member since February 2007.


Here's WISHING ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR....08 WAS NOT NOT ALL THAT BAD..I LOST MY JOB AFTER 23 YEARS AND WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO LAND ANOTHER QUICKLY...HAD TO POSTPONE GETTING THE ARLEN NESS,BUT STILL HAVE THE DYNA..LOVE HER..BUT NOT NEARLY AS MUCH AS I LOVE BABY DOLL..I THANK GOD EACH AND EVERY DAY FOR BRINGING BABY DOLL TO ME IN 2007...SHE IS MY WORLD... MY HEART AND SOUL...AND SHE BRINGS ME THE HAPPINESS I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR ALL MY LIFE..... I LOVE YOU BABY DOLL THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU !!!! AND MOST OF ALL BEING MINE!!!!! ...... I have noticed a growing number of people on here,that either message or post a threat that goes something like this.."Don't ask me to be your friend if your never going to contact me"."if I do not get a message from you in x amount of days I will delete you"..This site ..to me anyway..is a worldwide networking site..I have never declined a friend request..some I message or even talk to regularly,others I have not sent or recieved a message..but,that doesn't mean I may never run into them at a rally,on vacation ,etc and we may strike up a conversation or have a beer together..I have friends here in Jersey I only see every couple of months,yet we are still friends..does that make me an official"friends collector"?if it does..I really don't give a fuck...BON is a part of my life...NOT my life..
So welcome to all my friends...the others G F Y..
since I got your attention...GUYS,do me and all the beautiful women on this site a favor...if you are going to hit on a woman,at least have the respect of reading her profile TWICE to see exactly why she is here..and if your going to fuck with someones old lady...be ready to suffer the consequences...again this is a NETWORKING and dating site...not a "get laid tonite site" ..and if you READ, you may just get as lucky as I did on here. I do wish that for all..there is only place in the world I absolutely need to be #1 or "FAMOUS" and that is in BABY DOLLS heart....
Although the Lowliner is on hold.....still lookin forward to Myrtle Beach...will be there with the Dyna..and more importantly with Baby Doll on the back!!!

About Me

Just Me..what you see is what you get
definately a wild streak ..but.. old enuff and wise enuff to be responsible for My actions
I am accepted for who I am..and if not I couldn't give two shits....81 supporter
OH... BY THE WAY...disrespect Me or BABY DOLL and all HELL will break loose....distance means nothing to ME...I have a long reach...would do anything for Baby Doll and true friends....yes "FLASH" is a true friend ..actually more like a daughter..to all others I can be one mean nasty motherfucker

Turn Ons

My Baby Doll...AKA "IGGY"...also the sound of a set of Vance and Hines at about 5800rpms...no baffles ofcourse..with Baby Dolls arms around My waist

Turn Offs

Hairy women..fake tits..bad personal hygene....drama...gettin in pissing matches with assholes that DISRESPECT My Baby Doll...weekenders who think they are 1%ers....


pleasing Baby Doll aka "IGGY".....Riding My Harley.... ofcourse
Cooking and eating good food
Just so everyone knows...emailing,messaging or meeting someone who is "looking" is not one of My interests or activities...this page, IF YOU take the time to READ it ....should tell it all


Bonnie aka "IGGY"....Body art,Harleys,
The intricaties of the Bonnies anatomy
American microbrewed beers
Stimulating conversation...
ridin every day...sun,rain,fog or whatever


Any ...except Rap,Hip Hop

TV Shows

anything that involves speed,cars ,boats,bikes..Pinks..Ride on...History Channel..Discovery Channel... and whatever is in the same time slot as American Chopper...antique roadshow...


Have a hard time watching movies...put me in front of a tv or movie screen and it's "nap time"......


"It is better to be hated for who you are,Than loved for who you are not"
"Life is too short... grab the brass ring when it comes around...it only comes around once"...."I don't care how good it sounds....it still smells like rice to Me"..."$40,000 and 40 miles don't make you a biker"..."Don't let that candyass mouth of yours write a check your butterfly ass can't cash"..."KEEP ME AWAY FROM THE VODKA !!!!!!"
"you have to stand in line to hate me....and it's a long fuckin line"

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