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Christian biker challenges in biker world

To share the challenges of Christian Bikers
By The Surf, California 92057
Welcome, Im Phoenix from Southern California. I am creating this site specifically for those of us who ride and who believe in "The God of the Bible", the BORN AGAIN Christians whose Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ. It is open to ALL who are genuinely interested to check it out. There are temptations, there are challenges for God's children and we face them too, as we are IN this world but called to be NOT OF this world. This is a site to give opportunity to those who are led to share their thoughts and experiences. There will be no profanity tolerated here, no mud slinging of any kind and no politics. The purpose of this page is to be positive, to encourage those who face difficulties, (is there anyone who doesn't?) to post prayer requests but it is NOT open for any kind of slander or profanity. I will delete and block anyone who is disrespectful in any way. We do well to remember that we stand my grace and have nothing to brag about other than CHRIST. We cant brag about anything of our own, nothing. Mercy triumphs over judgement.
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