Lovin' Spoonfuls
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Sunday, June 3

Lovin' Spoonfuls

Lovin' Spoonfuls
NE Philly, Pennsylvania 19115 (map)
The creator did not provide an exact address.
This event is a different type of "event." "Thanks to a program sponsored by Chase and LivingSocial called Mission: Small Business?, your support could translate into a $250,000 grant. But we need at least 250 votes at missionsmallbusiness.com to qualify. To vote for our business: Go to missionsmallbusiness.comclick 'Log In & Support' and log in using Facebook. Search for our business by name OR filter by our State and City.....Lovin' Spoonfuls in Phila Pa. Click on the blue Vote button next to our business name to show your support for our business." I really do need your help. Yes I have over 2000 "friends" and this what I need ALL of you for...to help me get to my dream of being able to support and contribute to the former US Military men and women who have given so much. It is now my time to give back ....won't you please help me???? I am entered in the Chase -Living Social ....Mission:Small Business $250,000.00 grant which will allow me to finally see my dream come true which is two fold. I am a Chef who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America who has had the honor of working for the US DoD Army in Europe and Iraq and then the US Navy in Guam. From my experiences I have come to completely be in awe and totally feel humbled by the men and women who have given their lives to ensure ALL OF OUR safety here and abroad. Now it is my turn to give back to them. I am submitted in a contest to win this money so I can build and create a Food Truck that will then bring awareness to the returning troops who are coming back to no jobs or homes and need medical and other help. My food truck would help support all military organizations in addition to helping the Philadelphia Veteran's Comfort House which I have worked with and still do at present.

I need 250 votes in order to be in contention for this money so I can build my truck and hopefully train and employ veterans to work on this truck which I who i would love to help. This is something that those of us who ride have at one time or another rode on an event or have come in contact with a former or active duty member. This is NOT for me...IT IS FOR ALL OF THEM!!!
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