Louie Run/Lake County FairGrounds
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Louie Run/Lake County FairGrounds

Louie Run Foundation
Lake County Fairgrounds, Mentor Avenue
Painesville, Ohio 44077 (map)
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Email: maw@louierun.com
Phone: 440-954-4115
Website: http://louierun.com

The Louie Run event has always been and always will be, a Memorial to Brothers & Sisters lost. So what if the talking heads have been predicting rain all week. Anyone that’s lived in Northeastern Ohio for more than a year knows that if you wait an hour, day, or couple of days; it will most likely change. For me, I’ve always been partial to the Indian “weather rock” method of forecasting. You stick your head out the door; if the rock, sidewalk, driveway, etc. is wet you know it’s either raining or stopped not long ago. Then decide whether to go or not. If important to me, I ride rain or shine. The majority of those on the WALL that I personally knew, were also of the same mind. As were 2500 of you that made the journey last year.

To the number of “bikers” that told me “I had planned to go, but the 8 day, 5 day or 3 day forecast indicated rain for Sunday May 2nd; well, it did rain early in the morning. But, by midmorning, the sun was peeking out and ultimately turned into a fairly decent day. Yet attendance was down by about 50%. It begs the question, WHY!! The weather, the economy, something better to do?

The weather is out of our control as is the economy. However; as those of you that have purchased your pre-sale ticket already know, we’ve put recession pricing for pre-sale into effect. As for the something better to do, what’s better than a morning ride in memory of someone you can no longer ride with, to an event that honors that memory followed by one of the area’s best kicka.. biker parties featuring something for just about everyone. Music, people, food, beer, biker stuff, games, contests and more, what more could a person want.

Those of us that staff the Louie Run don’t really have the option of staying home. We do what we do because we believe in the philosophy that a large number of those on “Roll Call” also embraced, “Our Brothers and Sisters are never truly lost, so long as their memory remains in the WIND….” As anyone that’s been to Louie Run in the past decade or so knows, there’s no shortage of wind at the Lake County Fairgrounds. (ha ha ha) We’ll be there May 1st regardless of the weather. Hopefully, you will be also, with as many of your riding brothers and sisters that the highways can handle.

See you on May 6th.

Michael (Red Beard) Warren
for the
Louie Run Trustees/Directors
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