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I was hoping I would get some friends to go with my to my fathers memorial as I am estranged from my family , as I took him from the nursing home. To give him life, since no one has stepped forward, I too, will not be going, I can not emotionally handle things. I was with my father in one else in my family came, even though he begged. they were so upset with me taking him from the nursing home, that all they had was bitterness. I really wanted some friends to come with me, for support. I am so sadden by all this. I really needed my friends....Love Sassy

Hempfield Church of the Brethren

1186 Stevens Street

Manheim, PA 17545

Saturday, April 2, at 1 oclock.

Memorial Services for my Dad, would love to have any of my biker friend join me if they can. Hempfield Church of the Brethen, 1186 Stevens St, Manheim, PA 17545 April 2, at 1pm, Please email me if you can make it to support me! I need all the hugs I can get, this has been a very difficult time in my life. Thank you for all the support I have gotten. And please keep this page open for my Dad. Love Sassy if u need any info email me please......

latest new my brother is tryig to tell my I am not welcome in this family, all because I gave my Dad a life outside the nursing home....they all feel the guilt ,,,I don't!!!

My dad passed to the other world on 2/25/2011 at 9:44 pm.......he was born 5/27/1930, a wonderful man and father, he will always hold my heart this page is dedicated to him, please post!!!!!

I got the patient advocate in and y Dad didn't know about the restrictions, and he had them all lifted....he is gonna go to a nursing home as he feels he is too much for me, I tried to talk him out of it but....couldn't,so he willbe in a nursing home and I am hoping my mom doesn't try this again.......

important!!!!!please read, my Dad went off diaylsis to die last Wednesday, they only gave him 7-10 days to live. Friday he was rushed to the hospital. for some reason my mother has him turned against me, he says he doesn't remember anything that we had done or talked about in the event of his passing. My mom put a restriction that I can't come around him. Now Hawk and I have taken him to the va hospital got him everything he needed, glasses, hearing aids, new powerchair, and much more. to help him to live. Well as soon as he called my mom I dont know what she did, but she has taken over and he is belieiving her, even after how she and my brother lied to him a year ago.....he can't remember. He can't remember anything I don't know if he had a stroke or what. My mom is being very evil and now she is coming up to get him, she has power of attorney, so there is nothing I can do.Not only am I going through all this but do to my Dad living here I have lost the man of my dreams....I love him with all my heart. I had know time to give him as caring for my dad was 24/7, even though we had talked about it b4 my dad came. I tried to give him attention but I was so drained.....and stressed which didnt help our relationship. Well Hawk left me for another lady 2 weeks ago, even though he swore he didnt I found out. This is a man that on the day he left he told me he loved me and will always be there for me. I am devastated......if anyone knows how to reach him, please call him and tell him to get a hold of me so I can say what is going on. I don't mean to air my dirty laundry.....but I think I might lose the will to go on.....I am trying......I love you my friends, Sassy

My Dad got the application to John Hopkins for kidney transpalnt, those of u who are interested in possibly donation, I'll let you know when his appt. is. Cross ur fingers he is accepted!!!!!

Just called John Hopkins, they are sending my Dad a package to see if he qualifies for a tranplant there. I will let u know. some people have asked about donating, I will let u know when my Dad's seminar is and hopefully u can attend....god bless you, and yes I will be there to hold your hand!!!!!! LOL

many people have asked about donating I will get this info post as soon as I get the website. I am calling john Hopkins now to see if my Dad can go there for a replacement. Thanks for all ur love you have shown us, in this difficult time, Sassy and Hawk

Please leave a comment, he loves to read them.

My dad is not a canadiate for surgery, so the rest of his life will be on dialysis. his email address is if you would like to write him a incouragement note. thanks Sassy

Update!!!! they are still testing my Dad to see if he is a canadate for surgery. If the test come back ok, our next step is looking for a donor. Donate the gift of life, please............keep making comments, my Dad loves to read them!!!!! love my biker friends

This is not a ride, this is for my Dad, as some of you know my Dad has come to live with Hawk and I in January. He was before that in a nursing home which he hated. My Dad is wheelchair bond, and on dyalsis. He has some other medical problems also. BUT HIS MIND IS VERY SOUND! My Dad is a graduated of West Point, served in the Army, Went to Vietnam, and finally retired as a LTC. While in the Army at age 28 he develop polio. He was offered to retire early on medical leave, he said no, and over came the polio and went on to Vietnam. He now has Post polio. He retired in 1975. And My parents bought a little hotel in NH where they ran it for 10 years. Since then he has worked running a time share and then finally retired for real. Well that a little bit about my Dad, who I am very proud of! ON MAY 7TH 2010 please have him in your thoughts!!! He is going to see if he can be put on the kidney list and find a kidney( I can not donate as I am diabetic. Please put my Dad in your thought on May7th and if everyone thinks of Ed Burdeau on that day maybe our dreams will come true. So let's make 5/7/2010 Ed burdeau Day. Thank you!!!!!! Love you all Sassy and Hawk
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