The Low-Budget 7 Wonders of Your World Tour
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The Low-Budget 7 Wonders of Your World Tour

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This ride is easily accomplished in a small amount of time. The rules are simple:
1. You're limited to one tank of gas for the round trip.
2. Ya gotta take pictures.
Here's all you have to do. Ride your bike, and find seven things that you appreciate about where you live, and photograph them. There's LOTS of room for interpretation, the 7 things don't have to be of a kind, and can be ANYTHING! For example, 2 beautiful cocktail waitresses, 2 wild flowers, 1 waterfall, 1 sweeping S-curve, and 1 blue heron would qualify. So would 1 Panhead FLH, 3 scenic roadways, 2 monarch butterflys, and 1 good friend. So ride, take photos, and have fun!
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