2 Million Bikers To DC
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Thursday, April 19

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Sunday, July 29

2 Million Bikers To DC

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www.Ronzrides.us, Distr. of Columbia 20004 (map)
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(1,069 miles)
www.Ronzrides.us), Distr. of Columbia 39520
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Bikers organize massive counter protest to Million Muslim March
Thousands of America’s patriotic bikers are organizing an enormous counter protest to the planned Million Muslim March on DC this Sept. 11. The Facebook Page, “2 Million Bikers to DC,” has over 18 thousand “likes,” as of Thursday morning and individual state chapters of riders have launched pages on Facebook, as well. The bikers are riding “To remember those who were killed on 911 and honor our armed forces who fought those who precipitated this attack,” the Facebook page said. The American Muslim Political Action Committee organized the Million Muslim March to DC on the twelfth anniversary of the terrorist attack this country on Sept. 11, but has given the event a less inflammatory name, the “Million American March Against Fear,” to raise awareness of the anti-Islamic sentiment against Muslim Americans. According to the organizers of the “2 Million Bikers to DC,” this counter protest to the Million Muslim March was planned for the purposes of: WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, WILL STAND BY OUR CONSTITUTION (AS WRITTEN, NOT AS INTERPRETED BY THE THIS OR ANY PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION), WE WILL STAND BY OUR BILL OF RIGHTS (AS WRITTEN) AND WE STAND FOR AMERICA! THIS EVENT IS TO OUR HONOR AND RESPECT THOSE WHO WERE KILLED ON 9/11 AND THEIR FAMILIES! IT IS ALSO IN REMEMBRANCE OF THOSE IN ALL OUR ARMED FORCES WHO FOUGHT THOSE WHO PRECIPITATED THIS ATTACK! WE STAND AGAINST ANY “FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA” BY THIS ADMINISTRATION OR ANY PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION! WE WILL NOT STAND DOWN WE WILL STAND UP IF NEED BE FOR OUR LIBERTIES. ** THIS IS A PEACEFUL “RIDE”. WE ARE NOT PROMOTING NOR DO WE CONDONE VIOLENCE OF ANY KIND! WE ARE RIDING TO SHOW OUR LOVE OF AMERICA AND THE SHINING EXAMPLE OF FEEEDOM THIS COUNTRY PROVIDES TO THE WORLD!** Visit “2 Million Bikers to DC” Facebook Page. Visit “2 Million Bikers to DC FL” Facebook Page.
To find out about a ride in your state, go to facebook: "2 Million Bikers to DC (and your state abbreviation)"
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