2 Million Bikers to DC
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Thursday, June 21

2 Million Bikers to DC

Starting Location:
Wal Mart Route 819
, Pennsylvania 15666 (map)
Ending Location
(187 miles)
DC, Distr. of Columbia 02001
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TO HONOR THOSE WHO WERE KILLED ON 911 AND OUR ARMED FORCES WHO FOUGHT THOSE WHO PRECIPITATED THIS ATTACK! THIS DATE WHICH IS OUR DAY TO REMEMBER OUR FALLEN 3000 AMERICAN CITIZENS( I personally am going to DC because I don't feel the Muslims should do anything on Sept 11th it is like a slap in our faces)...GO TO 2 MILLION BIKERS DC(add your state abbreviation after DC and you will have your state page).
Night Time Ride to DC Western PA Tuesday Sept 10th
(1) Mount Pleasant Pa Wal Mart parking lot on Route 819(2100 Summit Ridge Plaza) Rally at 8PM
KSU @ 9PM, Route 819 N to Route 31 East.
(2) Somerset Pa Sheetz @ 457 E. Main St. 9:45 PM
KSU @ 10 PM Route 31 East to Route 30 East.
(3) Breezewood Pa Sheetz @ 16417 Lincoln Hwy (Route 30) @ 11 PM
KSU @ 11:30 Route 30 East
(4) Chambersburg PA Sheetz @ 1315 Lincoln Way East (just east past route 81) 12:30 AM
KSU @ 1 AM Route 30 East
(5) Gettysburg Pa Sheetz @ 30 Camp Letterman Dr 2 AM
KSU 2:30 AM
(6) Royal Farms, 1170 Loucks Rd, York Pa. 3:30 AM
KSU @ 4:15 AM South on Interstate Route 83. Route 83 South to 695 West @ Lutherville to Interstate 95 South to Welcome and Rest Center 11/2 miles past exit 38A ON Route 95 South Arrival time around 6 am. This will allow us about 2 hours for rest until the East arrives.
While at every Rally Point there will be a sign up sheet please make sure you stop and fill it out.

NOTE: HELMETS ARE REQUIRED IN MARYLAND,VIRGINIA,AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA THESE SHOULD BE DOT APPROVED.. ________________________________________________________________________________ PEOPLE WHO WANT TO LEAVE EARLY IN THE AM W/SW Pa group leaving on the 11th from Cranberry Twp PA. (1)Cranberry Mall, PA 19 @ PA Turnpike/76: KSU 3:30 (2)Emergency pullover 3mi past Monroeville PA (pickup only) 4:00 KSU: 4:05 (3)South Somerset Plaza on turnpike(fuel) 4:35 KSU: 4:55 (4)Breezewood Pa Sheetz @ 16417 Lincoln Hwy (Route 30) (fuel) 6:05 KSU 6:25 (5)Frederick/Myersville rt.17 (Fuel) 7:25 KSU 7:45 MD Welcome Center 8:35 (KSU: 9:15) Bring your signed waivers. I will collect them from everyone as you join up with the group. HELMETS are required for MD, Va, and DC and by law need to be DOT approved.
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